Science And Religion When They Don't Mix.

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People have long wondered about things that can't be explained by philosophy or logic. This is when religion comes in. There are questions such as: "How did universe come to be?", "How did humans come to be?", and "Why did something HAD to happen in THIS time period with THIS particular outcome?". There are several scientific theories on the 1st and 2nd questions; some scientists believe in the so-called "big bang" theory, in which all the matter in the universe condensed into an extremely small space, and then exploded to form the universe.Scientists may believe that the planets are still moving away from each other and that eventually someday they will start coming together again (the "big crunch" theory). As for the human question, there are at least 3 scientific theories:1)Humans came from space and lost their "masters", or "parents".2)Humans evolved from apes (Darwin's theory of evolution).3)Nature created humans in a way other than the Darwin's theory.Another scientific explanation for the beginning of life on earth is because some "chemical reaction" occured, creating bacteria, which evolved into a single-celled organisms, which in turn evolved into insects, mollusks, fish, then lizards, and ultimately, primates, which finally evolved into man.All of these hypotheses, however, may be even shakier than today's criticisms on theology and religion. First of all, the dates and order during which all of these events happened are approximate at best. They may be also extremely contradictory, not more contradictory than peoples' celestial beliefs. For instance, I still have trouble believing that humans evolved from apes, and that humans indirectly evolved from bacteria. The "chemical reaction", which supposedly created life is amusing. If this actually happened, then why isn't it happening now?...

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