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Science And Stuff Essay

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General Chemistry for Engineering and Science II – pages 21-34

26-1 Given the equation for a chemical equilibrium, predict and explain, on the basis of LeChatelier’s Principle, the direction of a shift in the position of an equilibrium caused by a change in the concentration of one species.

Using your data justify the LeChatelier’s Principle?

For this experiment we have to know what Chemical Equilibrium, LeChatelier’s Principle, and the common ion effect are. Chemical Equilibrium is when the concentration of the reactants and products are at an unchanging ratio or when the forward and reverse reactions occur at equal rates. LeChatelier’s Principle is the principle stating that if a system in chemical equilibrium is subjected to a disturbance it will change in a way that opposes this disturbance. Lastly the common ion effect is the displacement of an equilibrium by the addition of one or multiple of the species involved in that equilibrium.

LeChatelier’s Principle: 2X+Y⇋Z (Lab Guide pg.25)

(See attached)
(See attached)

The LeChatelier’s Principle can be seen in this experiment due to the changes in color which signify the disturbance and how it changed to oppose this disturbance.
In this experiment there were five different phases where chemical equilibrium was observed. The first phase was titled, Cobalt (II) Ion Complexes, and in this part three test tubes had 10 drops of cobalt (II) chloride solution added to them and the liquid had a pink hue to it. Test tube one had ten drops of HCl added to it and the pink hue changed to a blue tint. Test tube two had a small amount of solid ammonium chloride added to it and...

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