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Science And Technology Played An Important Role During World War

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Science and Technology played an important role during World War 1, and post war. Life during World War 1 was very tough on the Americans, since they had so many loved ones fighting in the war. Science and Technology made not only life in America easier for them, and the many advances helped the war.The science and technology that was used during the world war are of many. One of the most significant modifications was the building of the Panama Canal. This made transportation from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean a lot easier, vice versa. They were able to transport the goods, and weapons more efficiently through the canal rather than traveling around South America, which took a longer time. The many weapons that were created during the war were guns, canons, rifles, grenades, and bayonets. These creations helped overcome the opposite forces during the war. The Grand Central Station and the skyscrapers in New York City were some of the great features that were made during the time of World War 1 which are still standing even today. The movie showed the building of these, which required heavy work, and taking into mind the lack of technology during that time. Transportation also played a key role in the war. Ford?s assembly line was created in 1913. This helped making cars and other things much easier, and efficient, and in larger numbers. By 1915, there were more than half of a million cars and trucks that were by Ford, around...

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