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Through the passing of time and the progression of man, intriguing questions of mystery and wonder have been proved and disproved by the graces of science. However, science does have its limitations. At one point in time, the general consensus of the scientific population thought the world was flat. Only after advancements in science were made was it discovered that the earth was indeed round. The discovery was a great achievement for man, but it led to a massive amount of new questions being asked. For every scientific advancement made, there seems to be multiple unanswered questions that come out of it. This never ending quest for knowledge has waged on for years, and continues to be an uphill battle. These endless amounts of unanswered questions can not always be solved using the current science of the day. This can be seen when comparing the time period of Bram Stoker's Dracula to today's modern science. In both cases, it is easily noted that the science of the day can not always explain everything that goes on in this world.Brom Stoker wrote Dracula in 1897, a time in which many people all over the world believed in the existence of vampires. Just like every argument, this one had two sides, but back then the majority of the people, especially in eastern Europe, did infact believe in vampires. This notion was generally accepted because at that time, there was limited knowledge of the supernatural. Also, medical science was still in its primitive stages, and many unknown diseases led to unexplainable deaths. The idea of blood transfusions was present in the novel Dracula,but at the time very dangerous. Doctors knew nothing of blood types and the importance of having a correct match between the donor and recipient. A person receiving a blood transfusion would only survive if the donor by chance happened to be the same type. Those who perished left doctors shaking their heads. This, combined with the rich history of traditional oral and written stories, led to a population that had every reason for mistaking these stories for facts. There were as many myths as stars in the midnight sky, some practical and some not (Stoker 137).Some of the myths of vampires were concerned with finding out who was and was not of the living dead. Sleeping vampires could be found in a grave that had holes in the earth, an undecomposed corpse with a red face, or having one foot in the corner of the coffin. Living vampires were found by distributing garlic in church and seeing who did not eat it. A common practice was to open graves every three years after the death of a child, five years after the death of a teenager, or seven years after the death of an adult to check for vampirism. Today's standards would consider these practices ridiculous, but for reasons mentioned above,...

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