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I have always had an assorted cluster of intellectual interests, but science was a large percentage of those. As experiences and a great deal of knowledge accumulated through the fascinating thirteen years of my life, the pieces that were once an unsolved puzzle began to come together. I realized that I wanted not to be a teacher, a police officer, a CEO of a business industry, but something just as influential as that: a NASA scientist. Space and my love of building seemed to come together when I was searching for a lead on what I would do later on in life, and I discovered that creating robots to explore the worlds beyond us was more than what I could ever ask for.
As a fourth grader at age nine, going to fifth grade after summer vacation, I was welcomed to many wonderful opportunities of learning at the AEF Summer Program. My parents and I decided to tackle this opportunity and sign me up for their robotics class; I absolutely ...view middle of the document...

The world should be open to more female scientists, not only because of the equality that it would bring, but also because women and men have different points of view, and if they work together, it would make our world a better place. Because all of my immediate cousins are boys and most are very academically achieved, it feels awkward to be classified differently from them in terms of intelligence or creativity. I recognized my dream and this camp to be the chance I have been waiting for to prove to my family, the world, and myself that when women focus on something hard enough, it is often very possible to achieve.
In looking at the future I was putting out all the stops for, a very distant Uncle of mine inspired me to study the fields of technology and science appropriate for my dream career at the California Institute of Technology, or Caltech after high school. With the experience and knowledge I hope to gather there and earn a doctor’s degree, I’d use this to apply for a job at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a NASA scientist and discover yet another galactic breakthrough. One of the more specific breakthroughs that I desire to be a large part of is the finding of a habitable planet for Homo sapiens in time, before the sun snuffs out life on Earth 2.8 billion years from now. By creating a rover with temperature duration, exquisite features for digging, scanning, and dating objects using the math and science backgrounds my fellow scientists, developers, and I would have had congregated, this could be possible; the life of people in the future would be saved, and the human generation would live on. Should the rover had malfunctioned, it would be a challenge I am eager to overcome.
I understand that being a female NASA scientist requires experience, leadership, and learning how to work in a group. My love for science and math is just the first step of the many to come, but I am willing to accept challenges and work towards my goal to be a part of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical areas. I wish to start in an area I will comfortable with- an area where there is no discrimination to women and that everyone’s views count to make our world a better one – here, with an essay.

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