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The science related career that I chose was a dietitian. The main parts of this job are to help and tell people about healthy eating and living. Some of the other tasks of a dietitian are, giving people advice about healthy eating, making presentations, doing reports, making sure that people can accept their illnesses, explain health nutrition to the public, helping people with dietary changes and knowing all the key health needs. Dietitians are trained health care professionals. They have to know how to help people change their eating habits to help people with sometimes life threatening illnesses. A dietitian researches new ways to improve health care and can prepare future dietitians for their jobs.

Dietitians sometimes own their own business and are self-employed. They also may work for the private health care sector or at pharmaceutical and food/drink companies. The average dietitian earns between $65,000 – $75,000 annually. If you live in Canada and you want to be a dietitian, Calgary and Edmonton would be the best place to work since they get paid about $40.47 an hour which is a lot more than in Prince Edward Island where they are only paid $21.60 per hour. In Toronto which is the closest to Waterloo, they pay an average wage of $33.59 an hour so that would be a good place to be if you were a dietitian.

To have this amazing job, some things you must do. First of all, you have to earn your Bachelors degree in food and nutrition. You must get this degree from one of the universities that have been accepted by Dietitians of Canada (DC). The types of courses that you would need to complete are, basic science (chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology), social sciences and communications, and profession-related courses, such as food science life cycle, disease specific, community nutrition and food service management. There are a few universities in Canada where you can get this degree; some of which are nice and close to Waterloo or at least in Ontario. These universities are; Brescia University College, University of Guelph, Ryerson University there are also many universities out there that are not in Ontario.

Dietitians spend their days with people, talking to them, explaining and helping them. To be a dietitian, you need to have amazing people skills. You need to know how to make small talk, calm people down and explain to them what is happening. They need to be accepting and appreciative of diverse people and be able to listen to people’s problems and concerns. They also need to be quite organised, they need to safely manage all the client’s information and keep records of everything. Another key quality of being a dietitian is being a problem solver. Their job is to help others solve their problems and to do that they need to be quick thinkers and know many problem solving...

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