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Damaging Changes To Our Environment Essay

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The environment, defined as the natural world is relied upon for the existence of life on earth. These natural surroundings have always been and continue to be impacted by mankind, with the increasing human population and technology on a number of factors (Pragati. G, 2011 Link: 1). Some of these effects remain positive, which benefit the environment and the human race as a whole while others are negative, which damage or harm the environment, through little benefit to humans overall. These damaging changes include: mass deforestation, the diminishing amounts of species: pollution and climate change. Overall none of those factors, help mankind astronomically for example, an electricity plant which emits CO2, may provide electricity for the local area. That plant while important to the people who live locally do not aid the entire race; something more beneficial could include the construction of many alternate energy sources. Despite these disadvantages mankind has created a reasonably equal amount of advantages, positive impacts have occurred with people realising and taking action towards: environmental protection and balance: the importance of recycling: better technology for food growth: the preservation of certain locations and the construction of places like wildlife parks to keep certain species alive (Link: 3) (F1504050, March 8, 2012 Link: 4). The greenhouse effect, a common belief by Scientists is the accepted to be the natural process which warms the Earth’s surface. This regular procedure is considered by some scientists to have become enhanced, through human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels. This enhanced greenhouse effect can lead to the planet’s surface becoming overheated (Australian Gov. Link: 2), which can cause a broad range of problems such as changes in sea level and rainfall patterns (U.S Environmental Protection Agency, April 17, 2008 Link: 5).

Since, Svante Arrhenius first claiming in 1896 that fossil fuel combustion would result in enhanced global warming; many others have researched this topic to find clear scientific proof supporting this theory (S.M Enzler, 2014 Link: 7). With more scientists and improving technology, numerous recordings have been found which support the belief of the enhanced greenhouse effect. Global Warming, linked to human involvement has been used to explain a number of high temperature peaks. Recently scientists have concluded that the continent’s heatwave in 2013 was only because of man-made climate change. These scientists were a part of a team at Melbourne University and they believe that without climate change, 2013 wouldn’t have been the hottest recorded year (Geoffrey. L, March 27th, 2014 Link: 6). A warming climate has also been linked to a rise in Sea level through two processes: thermal expansion (ocean water expanding through heat) and water through the melting of ice. Evidence which supports the rise of sea level, include observations from numerous forms of measurement...

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