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In our world today we have many problems such as an ever-growing issue we are faced with that is the use of electricity, in that matter we are faced with many problems locally and globally. If electricity is not used sparingly/wisely locally, the bill price would be very expensive and families would have to use their hard earned money to pay the bills of high electricity consumption. And thus, families would have to spend lots of money every year just for paying the bills alone. The problems that people face globally is that as more money is spent and with the problem of inflation, the bill prices would only increase and thus become more expensive.

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Meaning that if you installed solar panels into your home, you would not be required to pay monthly/yearly installments anymore. This therefore saves families lots of money in terms of not spending a lot on paying bills.

Diagram of the comparison of the consumption to the conservation of different types of power sources

There are many benefits of using solar power as a source of electricity with the main one being the consumption to conservation ratio. Because the sun’s energy is being constantly absorbed by the solar panels, there is lots of excess energy that is transferred onto the grid. And during nighttime for example when power is low, the grid will transfer the energy to your house using the energy that was previously stored and not using energy from local power grids.
Solar power slows down global warming, as we all know global warming is one of the biggest problems the world is facing now and with the implementation of science into our daily lives, solar power slows down global warming due to its characteristics. In addition to global warming problems, which are bound to cost the world plenty of money, solar panels help people save money for the long-term affect of global warming.

Graph of the money saved after going solar

As the sun consistently rises and sets, the security given by solar power is irrefutable as it is impossible (as of now) for companies to charge us to pay for the sun’s services. Not only that, but solar power or if you have already installed solar panels. Is independent, solar power relies on the cosmos for energy and thus does not rely on “electricity” to run. If the whole town’s electricity is out, yours would potentially be the only one, which is working, and by law, you would not be forced to share it!

With solar power being absolutely overpowered and seemingly perfect, it has very few disadvantages. The only big one being that the sun does not shine 24h a day,...

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