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Science Fair Lab Report

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IntroductionI chose to do this project because I thought it would be interesting to know how many bacteria there are on things you touch. Since we couldn't do hands Laura and I decided to test door handles because that is what people touch a lot. My research showed that this experiment is feasible in school settings, however it might be dangerous and requires particular care.Independent Variable: Door handlesDependent Variable: Amount of bacteriaControl Variables: Volume of agar, size of the Petri dishes, temperature.Research question: What is the amount of bacteria on different door handles?HypothesisThe outside handle of the bathroom will have most bacteria because when people go into the bathroom they usually want to wash their hands, which means their hands are dirty and when they touch the handle it will get bacteria from their hands.Method15 Petri dishes were prepared by pouring Agar into them. Then, samples from 4 door handles (bathroom outside, bathroom inside, refrigerator, and classroom) using sterile cotton swabs were taken. Next, the samples were put into the Petri dishes by opening the Petri dish and quickly swabbing over it. For each door handle 3 Petri dishes were swabbed. The three remaining Petri dishes were the control ones. Nothing needed to be done to them. Each Petri dish was taped, closed and labeled. Next they were put in a box and left there for 3 days. The amount of bacteria grown was checked every day from day 3, at lunch time. That was done for 4 days by seeing how much bacteria there was comparing to 1cm2. That was seen by copying the picture of the Petri dish on a plastic sheet using a permanent marker, and measuring it with a ruler. The dishes were carefully thrown away without opening them.ResultsLocationDay 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Refrigerator 10.25 cm20.75 cm21 cm23 cm2Refrigerator 20.5 cm20.63 cm21.25 cm21.5 cm2Refrigerator 30.5 cm20.75 cm21.25 cm22 cm2Bathroom inside 1none0.06 cm20.13 cm20.25 cm2Bathroom inside 20.06 cm20.06 cm20.19 cm20.25 cm2Bathroom inside 30.06 cm20.06 cm20.13 cm20.25 cm2Bathroom outside 1nonenone0.03 cm20.03 cm2Bathroom outside 2none0.03 cm20.03 cm20.06 cm2Bathroom outside 30.03 cm20.03 cm20.03 cm20.06 cm2Classroom 10.06 cm20.06 cm20.13 cm20.13 cm2Classroom 20.25 cm20.31 cm20.5 cm20.75 cm2Classroom 3nonenonenonenoneControl 10.06 cm20.06 cm20.06 cm20.06 cm2Control 2nonenonenonenoneControl 3nonenonenonenoneGraphsConclusionBacteria grew in all the Petri dishes, however to different extent. The pattern of bacteria growth in four groups of samples (refrigerator, bathroom outside, bathroom inside, and control), except classroom, was largely similar. This pattern shows that about the same amount of bacteria was put into all three dishes of the same group, except classroom. My graphs look mostly like I expected them too, except I also put a table underneath it and some other things. According to the results the data did not support my hypothesis. My hypothesis was that the bathroom door handle would be the...

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