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Acid Rain is basically rain that has been made acidic by Sulfur DiOxide ( SO2 ) and other pollutants. Acid rain is formed by the release of ( SO2 ) and ( NO2 ) into the atmosphere. Then the chemicals are absorbed into the rainwater and create acid rain. Acid rain , mostly comes from the chemicals emitted into the air by coal fired power plants. Now there is a big push for clean coal and these power plants have mostly accomplished that. The power plants have scrubbers, covered in limestone that remove or “ scrub” the sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and other harmful chemicals out of the coall Also acid rain is often mistaken by people to be “ green rain that burns you when it contacts your ...view middle of the document...

Acid rain is formed by the release of Sulfur Dioxide ( SO2 ) and Nitrogen Oxide ( NO2 ) into the atmosphere. Then the chemicals are absorbed into the rainwater and create acid rain.

Acid rain , mostly comes from the chemicals emitted into the air by coal fired power plants. Now there is a big push for clean coal and these power plants have mostly accomplished that. The Clean Coal Act of 2007 requires that the new coal fired electric generating unit produce not more than 285 pounds of Carbon Dioxide per megawatt- hour to supply the grid. _ Clean Coal Act sponsored by Senator John Kerry. The power plants have scrubbers, covered in limestone that remove or “ scrub” the sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and other harmful chemicals out of the coal. Acid Rain kills the trees indirectly periphrastically by damaging the leaves and depriving the trees of nutrients.

The purpose of this project was to determine if location affects the PH of rainwater . My hypothesis was that the water off of Route Two would be more acidic .

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Erosion is the removal and transportation of weathered and unweathered material by wind, gravity, water, ice and waves. Things that affect the earth through erosion may be topography, agricultural processes, deforestation and urbanization.

The topography of the land determines the velocity at which surface runoff will flow. This in turn determines the erosivity of the runoff. Unsustainable agricultural practices are the single greatest contributor to global increase. This includes; pesticide and chemical fertilizer usage, farming on steep slopes and monocropping. Monocropping is the agricultural process in which you plant a single crop (corn, soybeans, wheat) year after year on the same land without cycling through other crop.

In an undisturbed forest the mineral soil is protected by a layer of leaf litter and humus that covers the forest floor. Deforestation causes increased erosion rates due to exposure of mineral soil by removing the humus and leaf litter, the vegetative cover that binds soil together and causing heavy soil compactions from logging equipment.

Urbanization has major effects on the erosion process. Denuding the land of vegetative...

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