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Science Fiction And Its Effects On Social

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Science fiction has over years produced some of the greatest novels in the world since the time of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New York world and George Orwell’s 1984.A good number of these authors seems to reach a consensus that there is watertight evidence that science fiction merits have long been discussed in the critical circles as well. In as much, a lot of emphasis has been given to the specifically paid genre’s strong information. According to Kingsley () there is adopted focus in the new study that is considered a cornerstone in the science –fiction critism.He says that the genre tries to achieve a way of dramatizing social inquiry that provides a cultural tendencies which can be easily be isolated and judged (Kingsley).Therefore this genre serves a very good example of the more general tendency of fiction which provides a good grounds for social criticism. This provides a social discourse which will enable this theme to be discussed in the social circles.
Dick in is classic work, Valis of Trilogy combines both irony and colloquialism with a rich theological and the dialectic one man debate to bring out the serious and technical discussions about life. He claims that he received a vision from God the modern world is a fraud and therefore it is easy to establish some of this claims .Metaphorically speaking he was trying to pass a message for the modern sensibilities.
However another critics tend to agree with Kingsley but they go on to add that the power of science fiction as a tool as such depends generally on its content. According to Christine Brooke, science fiction is the hypothesized on the basis of some innovation in science or technology whether human or any other origin. She identifies science fiction as subject area that contains new technologies specifically. These technologies are normally used by the totalitarian governments to compartmentalize the mass in order to create a highly divided society and goes to build very big screens that serve as a big brother (Brook, 1984). Its content has some very interesting effects on its readers who repeatedly find that they cannot rely on the real world set frameworks of any reference any longer. The normal ideas and concepts are normally replaced with new and completely different foreign ideas and many people struggle to interpret the meaning in the written works. There are methods that are strange and unfamiliar and therefore science fiction readers have to look for a way to adapt the mode of mean making which indeed takes time. According to Isaac Asimov () the science fiction deals with the reaction of human beings to changes in the science and technology and have mastered technology themselves. He goes to argue that human beings are always ready when reacting to changes in the science field instead of understanding it first. In addition to that they tend to very conservative and sometimes threaten to jump beyond our grasp.
Dick was constantly afraid that what he conceived as reality may as...

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