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Science Fiction Book Report

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1.The title of this book is The Girl Who Slipped through Time.2.The © of the book is 1978.3.The author's name is Paula Hendrich.4.Paula Hendrich is currently living.5.The genre of this is Science Fiction.6.The literary devices I found in this book are:Simile: "…we went underground and dug ...view middle of the document...

"7.The main idea of this book is how Paramecia did not get the attention she use to get from her father and that made her feel unwanted. She found an odd-looking machine and "slipped through time."8.The theme I found in this book is how teenage girls need the attention from a male figure, and if they do not receive that attention, their lives (can sometimes) turn out wrong.9.The theme relates to my life because I personally do not enjoy too much attention, because it makes me feel uncomfortable. However, I have the attention that teenage girls need in their lives; I have a big brother that cares, and love me and tells me what is right and wrong.Bibliography: Hendrich, Paula. The Girl Who Slipped Through Time. 1st ed. New York: Lee & Shepard Company, 1978. 7-38.

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