Science Fiction Story Part 8. Essay

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PART 8I woke up early to find Jason standing over me. I jumped, "Ahh!!" I screamed in mock horror, "What a horrible wake up call!"A smile flickered reluctantly across his face. A grey shadow passed over his eyes and he laughed. I shook my head. I must be still dreaming, I thought, or does his laugh sound forced?"Hey man, what's wrong", I said lightly, "Heard you moaning and groaning at night, thought you were a ghost, scared the life outta me!"He jerked back at my words as if I wounded him."Hey, it was a joke man, lighten up!" I said frowning.Jason tried to laugh, but the sound was lifeless. I gave him a funny look. He looked away, fidgeting in his pocket. 'Probably that piece of metal,' I thought."Stop acting so sour!" I said, "We'll find a way of this damned desert!"This time a look of pain crossed his face."Hey man, are you sure you're alright?" I asked looking into his eyes."Yeah man!" he said, the pain flashing away, replaced by harsh look, "What made you think that?""Nothing..." I replied, deciding to wait for him to tell me instead of forcing it out of him. I knew he'll tell me what's bothering him eventually. I've known him for a long time.I walked out of the shelter into the morning sun. I walked to Charlie's shelter and could still see her sleeping soundly. I watched her and smiled, remembering the fun we've had working together. 'Now it s over!' I thought bitterly. Her good hand was resting underneath her bandaged one, and ever so often I would see her wince in her sleep. Jason came behind me. He put an arm on my shoulder and I smiled. I knew he liked her, so I left him sitting at her bedside.Walking outside, I glanced at the sky. The warm rays covered the planet like a blanket, warming everything. I stretched and jogged up the sand dune. Looking out at the view, I saw the sun glinting of the spaceships in the distance, like coins on the ground. Making sure I knew where the camp was, I walked down the dune towards the nearest spaceship. It was totally demolished. The once gleaming metal was dusty with the red sand and scratched. I noticed deep scratches in the side. Looking closer, I noticed they were deep claw marks, the size of a car. I shuddered, hoping the thing that made it didn't live on this planet. The spaceship towered over me and I glanced up. I walked into a large jagged opening. The inside smelled dusky and dead. I sneezed as dust entered my nose. 'Obvious everyone is gone' I said to myself. A sound rustled behind me. I spun around in time to catch a glimpse of a dark shape slipping into the darkness. I turned to follow and noticed a torch lying on the ground. The name Jason was printed neatly on the side. I smiled."Jason!" I called out in mock terror, "You're not scaring me! I know you're tricks! Stop creeping around this place, you bogey man!"I picked up the torch and turned it on. A stream of steady light shone out of the torch and flooded the cabin with light. I heard a deep rustle a Jason escaped into the darkness."Hey...

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