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Technology's Effect On Daily Life Essay

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Growing up, I never expected to see technology come this far. In my day, Iphones and tablets were the hot items all the youngsters wanted. Now, it seems like to them at least, to not have those items is to be an outcast. The social media aspect of our society here is New York has completely overwhelmed and ensnared everyone who lives here. Even in my job as a secretary for Proctor Technologies, I'm required to use Facebook, Twitter and a few other sites to communicate with customers. Answering questions is now done on live chat, or through a private message. They don't even supply us with an office phone anymore. Even in society, phones have completely lost their first purpose, now mainly being used for only texting and social media. Sometimes I don't know how these younger generations now in 2045 do it. But silly me, they have grown surrounded by social media and advanced technology, much more advanced than what I grew up with. Phones that connect to your mind, so you can tell them inside your mind what to type out for you. Apps that immediately can recognize who you want to talk to and bring up a chat with them, even if you don't have their number or name. All that's needed is a face. I see less and less people talking face to face, preferring to send their words via their mobile device. Due to this, three years ago the postal service was forced to almost completely shut down. Now, almost no one in the younger generations knows how to fill out an envelop. The only things sent through the postal service are packages. Though in the near future even that may be discarded. I've heard rumor that transportation through teleporting is nearly perfected. Amazing, this world. Amazing that people haven't gone crazy from lack of human socialization. No, I take that back. There have been some before who have been driven crazy. They've run, crazy, down the streets. Grabbing anyone who come within their reach, shaking them harshly. Just trying to get someone to say one word to them, whether it be foul or...

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