Science, How Is An Eye Like A Camera?

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How is a camera like an eye?Any eye is like a camera in many ways, like if it is dark an eye's pupil will open up to let more light in and in a camera you have to open the lens to let more light so you get a clear photo. The lens is the eye of the camera. Its function is to bring light from the subject into focus on the film. A camera can have a single lens or a complex set of lenses. Together with the shutter, the lens controls the amount of light that enters the camera.Which part of the eye controls the amount of light entering?It is the Iris. This is the part of the eye which is responsible for one's eye color. It acts like the diaphragm of a camera, dilating and constricting the pupil to allow more or less light into the eye. Together with the shutter, the lens controls the amount of light that enters the camera.What Part of the eye is responsible for the vision and color?It is the Retina. It has a thin tissue lining the innermost wall of the eye. The retina acts much like the film in a camera. The retina responds to light rays hitting it and converts them to electrical signals carried by the optic nerve to the brain. The outlying parts of the retina are responsible for peripheral vision while the center area, called the macula, is used for fine central vision and color vision. The very center of the...

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