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Science Is Defiance, Religion Is Compliance.

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“No myth of miraculous creation is so marvelous as the face of man's evolution” (Robert Briffault).” In today’s world Religion is kept out of public schools and instead Scientific theories are taught in its place. Causing much controversy among the populous of the world. Religious parents want their kids to learn their beliefs instead of the proven or widely accepted scientific reasoning, and non-religious parents being angered by these religious fanatics trying to force their beliefs onto the public school system. Intelligent Design (ID) is the new fighter in this debate. It tries to bring together Evolution and creationism, by explaining that a higher being created the universe, and set everything into motion, but at the same time not disproving Evolution. Supporters argue that ID should be taught alongside Evolution. Supporters believe that ID is a scientific theory that accepts evolution and compliments it. However, Evolution is the only theory that belongs in schools, It is the only theory backed by scientific facts, and It is the only theory that is not associated with any religious beliefs.
Intelligent Design is a more modern version of the age old theory “creationism.” Supporters are trying to claim that ID is a scientific theory, and therefore belongs in public schools. ID does not discourage Evolution but instead works with it to explain the origin of life, and that ID is not just “a disguised version of the Biblical story of Creation, which is a religious topic” (W. E. Jacobs). Since ID does not discourage Evolution, it does not follow the book of genesis’ belief of “Creationism” that the world was created in 6 days, instead it only states that the universe was set into motion by an Intelligent Designer. So by not being centered around a single religious text, it is not affiliated with a religion, and therefore is not a religious theory, but instead a scientific theory. Furthermore, Jacobs tries to explain that ID and Evolution are both similar by the fact that they cannot be proven. “Both ID and evolution by natural selection fail on two important counts of scientific theory: their ability to predict the future and their ability to be tested” (W. E. Jacobs). Stating that since neither ID or Evolution can be tested nor predict the future, they are both as legitimate and scientific as the other, and therefore both belong in a school's curriculum. Jacobs goes on to say that “The real debate over ID is not whether it is "true" or "untrue," but rather, whether it is a form of religion that should be excluded from public school science classrooms.” Supporters state that since Intelligent Design is not centered around a single religion, and only states that an “Intelligent Designer” began the universe, and therefore is not a religious theory. Since it does not denounce any religion, or push beliefs of a religion onto any student it does not interfere with anyones first amendment rights.
“The term "intelligent design" was coined by a...

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