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In this lab in several new things have been learned and can be connected to real life appliances. In table 2, there are several things noted the observations of the greenhouse gas emissions produced in Canada from 1995-2005. Also there are connections to real life problems such as choosing the best suited electricity generating plant to generate electricity, to build near a community that would impact family, friends and local community.
The greenhouse gas emissions produced in Canada from 1995-2005 are 6,014,316 CO2/kg. The most energy produced by the sources, are from greatest to least are coal, natural gas and oil. Coal produced 1,053,16CO2/kt from 1995-2005, natural gas produced 119,072 CO2/kt and oil produced 95,670 CO2/kt. Coal is the most used resource, because it’s valuable non-renewable resource. It’s easy and inexpensive to mine, coal is quite abundant, making it very affordable compared to other fossil fuels like oil. When coal is ...view middle of the document...

Also other resources like nuclear energy, hydro-electric, biomass and wind and tidal have not been noted in table 2. The resources that have been noted are all commonly used non-renewable energy sources.
Knowledge about electric generating plants helps government better to understand how to manage resources, especially in situations where electric generating plants need to be build near communities to generate electricity and to do be developed, in this type of situation the government needs to evaluate the pros and cons of the electric generating plant, while taking in consideration of the impact on the community, to ensure the best suited electric generating plant for the community. The best suited electric generating plant to be developed in a neighbor is wind energy, because it benefits the environment, people financially and meets the needs of the community. Wind energy is a renewable source of energy. Its installation and maintenance cost are cheaper than generating stations that use fossil fuels or uranium, it can be easily removed or added from the grid, and wind turbines are located closer to homes and businesses than generating plants that used fossil fuels or uranium, transmission lines can be shorter. Also wind energy does not do environmental harm such as air or water pollution, they produce significant amount of electrical energy in wind farms, can be bought in local hardware shops for a few thousand dollars and are available small scale. However wind farm are often a criticized as being noisy, and dangerous to birds, but today wind farms are engineered to be quiet and wind mills can be spaced out to prevent danger to birds. Also wind mills speed changes continually, and it sometimes difficult to generate a steady supply of electricity at a particular location. However a single wind mill can generate enough electricity for about 250 Canadian homes, which can especially good for building a generating plant to generate and develop electricity in communities. Having an insight for the Canadian government can be a benefit, for generating electricity for the future of generating electricity and managing resources.

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