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HYPOTHESIS: If I use the Metric Measurement and become more familiar with it, then I will be able to convert other measurements and learn to use it and understand it better since other countries used the Metric Measurement.
Small ruler, key, paper clip, thumb, meter stick, balance scale, wooden block, stone, Millimeter ruler, 50ml graduated cylinder, test tube, water, and eyedropper.
A. Measuring Length
1. Measure objects in cm and convert that measurement into mm and m.
2. Turn the meter stick over, and observe the metric subdivisions.
3. Use meter stick to measure various items and convert them into cm, mm, and m.
Weight – Three commonly used metric units for weight are the kg, g, and mg.
B. Measuring Mass
1. Use a balance scale to measure the weight of a small wooden block.
2. Measure the weight of a small stone to fit inside the opening of a 50ml graduated cylinder.
C. Measuring Volume
1. Use millimeter ruler to measure the wooden block used in part B of this procedure to get length, width, and depth.
2. Use a 50 ml graduated cylinder to add 20 ml mark. Then, pour 20 ml of water into a test tube.
3. Speculate how I can find the total volume of the test tube using the graduated cylinder.
4. Fill a 50 ml graduated cylinder with water about the 20 ml mark. How can I calculate the volume of the stone weighted previously?
5. Use eyedropper to determine how many drops of water are needed to equal 1 ml.
D. Measuring Temperature
1. Study the two scales on a thermometer.
2. Human body temperature of 98.6 ⁰F the temperature on the Celsius scale is 37⁰C
3. Record temperature for:
Room Temp.
Surface of skin
Cold tap water
Hot tap water
Ice water
Data Table A:


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