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Pharmaceutical and medical research benefits humans greatly. Much of these life-saving developments are being conducted via animal experimentation. It is often said that animal testing should not be implemented, for it is not morally ideal or necessary. Opponents of animal testing urgently demand for alternative methods, which aim to replace the practice of animal studies. However, first and foremost, animal research saves lives. It is undeniable that animal-based experimentation has played a vital part in finding drugs and live-saving treatments to improve health and medicine. Animal studies also contributed to numerous medical advances over the last decade; these include surgical ...view middle of the document...

Proper anesthetics are used for procedures that might cause pain, along with analgesics thereafter (par 4).
Supported by this, if animal medical experimentations are being conducted, they have to be governed, for which the conductors have to ensure that animals are being treated humanly and accordingly by the laws. Therefore, the concern that animals are being mistreated in laboratorial environment is not necessary.
Another argument opposing animal experimentation illustrates that animal testing can be very costly, for which billions of U.S taxpayer dollars are being spent annually on animal testing. According to a recent article by PETA, “Based on NIH’s 2010 budget, animal testing accounts for more than 16 billions in U.S. taxpayer money” (par 1). Despite this, it is an acceptable moral price to pay when millions of people around the world, whom are suffering from fatal and incurable disease, can be saved. It is understandably difficult for humans to, at the same time, conducting animal studies for medical purposes that aimed to cure destructive diseases, while having great empathy for the other species. After all, human lives are priceless. The sacrificing price can be significantly high and merciless, however the resulting benefit is immeasurable.
Furthermore, it is irrefutable that animal testing contributes greatly to the length and quality of human life. Animal experimentation is necessary for medical development and pharmaceutical trials, for it plays a vital part in finding drugs and live-saving treatments to improve health and medicines. Numerous cures and treatment for fatal diseases that save millions of people worldwide are being made possible with the aid of animal research, which includes cures for Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and many more.
Parkinson is a fatal debilitating brain disease that affects millions of people globally. It is famously known for suffocating its victims with endless shaking, rigidity, balance problems, and slowed movement. At the present time, only palliative treatments are available, so a long-lasting alternative treatment is urgently needed. Scientists have recently concluded that the use of monkeys in research experiments on Parkinson’s is critical to understand the nature of this progressive disorder, and essential to develop a life-changing treatment for this disease. Within the article titled “Using Monkeys to Understand and Cure Parkinson Disease”, D. Eugene Redmond claims that monkey experiments are “often essential for progress with neuropsychiatric and brain-related problems” (par. 2), because monkeys share many genetical similarities with human in higher brain functions. This then makes them an excellent model in research experiment for Parkinson’s disease. In other words, there is a high probability that the predictions resulted from monkey experiments will be strongly correct. Therefore, primate experimental research will maximize the probability of benefits, while minimizing the harms of...

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