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Exemplary Science teachers help science class to be not be just a class, like it is for many students, to be tolerated to graduate, with the information forgotten shortly after the tests full of strange works are endured. Exemplary Science teacher’s help students become critical thinkers, develop informed citizens who will develop science related public policy in the future, and help them function better in a science influenced society when they need to make informed decisions as consumers, for instance (Marincola). The best Biology teachers are enthusiastic, promote inquiry learning and critical thinking, use hands on learning and labs, and teach science in a way that makes it relevant ...view middle of the document...

Exemplary teachers are able to construct lessons that are high in student involvement and lead students in developing science process and inquiry skills (Marshal).
By using inquiry learning, especially scientific inquiry, exemplary teacher’s help students develop their critical thinking abilities and learn how to think and construct their knowledge more like a scientist (Corlu). Students that are actively involved in making observations, collecting and analyzing information, synthesizing information, and drawing conclusions are developing useful problem-solving skills. Exemplary teachers have lessons that pupils find interesting and look forward to because they involve thinking and problem solving (Wilson).
Exemplary teachers understand that the best way to learn science is by actually doing science (Caccavo, Jr.). And that learning science should be an active, engaging process that mimics the work done by actual scientists (Ayers). Exemplary teachers employ strategies that encourage students to participate in learning activities that use less teacher demonstration and more emphasis on practical work by the students (Wilson). They employ less individual seat work exercises and have more collaborative hands-on laboratory experiences (Marshal).
Instead of doing repetitive worksheets, students can be actively learning- using hands-on labs. Laboratory experiences provide opportunities for students to use science methodology, apply the scientific method, and deepen understanding of concepts by seeing them in action as they perform science experiments. By utilizing technology, virtual labs are...

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