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Many preteens have either very high or low self-esteem based on the amount of likes or comments they get on their social networks. Of the 69% of teens that own their own computer or smartphone, 80% are active on social media. I think that this will have a huge impact on society. Our generation is glued to our phones. Many kids, preteens, and teenagers are becoming more and more conceded because of how many ‘selfies’ or pictures of themselves are taken. Not only does social media does affect preteens’ self-esteem, it is also causing bullying and suicides. Because of social media, 4,400 deaths per year have taken place, according to the CDC.
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Researchers found that people end up exiting from their social network feeling worse about themselves. Studies showed that one in three respondents didn’t feel good when checking their facebook newsfeed. Researchers said that when someone sends them a friend request over Facebook, they feel joyful and happy. Many social networks such as Facebook, causes more and more people to be jealous of more people and what they are doing. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have caused depression. It may make one person feel loved and pretty; but it makes others feel unwanted and worthless. Instagram, a popular social network, implicit cues of people being happy, rich, and successful which makes people feel bad about themselves.
Despite the fact that social networking is helpful to help people communicate, social media also carries significant risks. 7.5 million Facebook users are under 13 years old, this leads to many problems. On Facebook, there was an application for sending private, anonymous notes called “Honesty Box”. People could go there and write hurtful messages to people. This affected many teenagers and preteens’ self-esteems. There is also something called "Bathroom Wall.” It displayed anonymous public...

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