Science: Surface Water And Climate Ccms/Science Research Paper

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Chapter 12: Surface Water and Climate
VOCABULARY - Some new vocabulary from this section may be weather, climate, heat
capacity, heat sink and convection. You will learn what they mean through this
WEATHER & CLIMATE - What is weather and climate?
Weather is the day to day environmental conditions in a
given place and a given time; includes temperature,
cloud cover, wind speed and precipitation. While climate
is the average of weather conditions over 30 years. The
difference between the two is weather is a certain days
temperature in a certain area while, the climate uses
several pieces of weather data over a 30 or more year
span. The data of climate may be used to predict the
temperature but, some times you can see it varies by
large ranges for the weather (day to day forecast). (Local) Let’s look at Windsor. The
average climate year round is 9.5°C. But, the day to day weather it is Mainly Sunny
about 7°C and then the next day is Sunny around 14°C. Now for this time of year the
climate does in fact reflect the year round climate but, it is not always that situation while
on August 9, 2017 the weather reached 29°C. The chart here shows the climate from
month to month in Windsor, Ontario. and it also shows the rain per month. So as you
can see the month with the highest climate would be July. and the lowest would be
Day Vs. Night - You may wonder what solar energy does or
how it is used on Earth? Solar energy is the main part of our
water cycle, this is what starts the evaporation. As well, if there
wasn’t any solar energy none of us would be alive because the
world would be too cold to live on, the energy from the sun is
what heats our planet. You way wonder how our earth is still
warm at night if we aren’t receiving any solar energy or
radiation. If you put earth inside of a greenhouse it would do
the same thing as our atmosphere. The roof of the greenhouse
is our atmosphere, it traps some of our Earth’s carbon dioxide in there. Then the sun
shines through the atmosphere (the roof) to heat our planet during the day. But, then at
night the heat is released. Not all of it is though some is held in by our carbon dioxide’s
(roof). (Global) Now, “Did You Know?” that our earth’s average climate of all places is
15°C. Now let’s look more into that. Australia’s average climate is at 21.6°C in Janurary
and Alaska’s average climate is around -5°C in January. Therefore, the climate of earth
doesn’t portray all places around the world.
What is Heat Capacity - Have you ever been to the beach and noticed that the sand is
really cold in the morning and then later on that day it is super hot, but the water’s
temperature never seems to change. This is because heat capacity, If you don’t know
what heat capacity it’s the measure of the amount of thermal energy needed to raise the
temperature of a substance by a certain temperature interval; a measure of how much
thermal energy an object can store. So, the sand on the beach has a lower heat...

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