Science Technicians And The Handling Of Chemicals

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Handling Chemicals Chemicals are always handled cautiously. They should always be handled with care to prevent accidents. CLEAPSS provide the regulations to the technicians stating what you should wear while handling a chemical depending on the strength of the chemical. This is to minimise the chance of any accidents occurring. They also advise the technicians on the equipment they should use and how to transport the chemicals safely and efficiently. This makes sure that the technicians are protected from the potential risks of handling chemicals and ensures that the chemicals are transported safely and efficiently. These procedures change in the presence of radioactive sources. The regulations come from the RPA then they go to the Derby council who will analyse these regulations and may add some of their own for improved safety then it reaches the School and they have to follow these regulations and sometimes add their own to prevent any possible accidents. After that process the RPA representative for the school has to complete a training course on the new regulations so that he can advise the school on the schools radioactive sources. Science technicians and most importantly the Senior Science Technician has to communicate with the other technicians and teachers so that they are all aware of who is handling, moving the chemicals at any given time. This coherence is important so that everything can be completed swiftly and efficiently. Also the Senior Technician will report what is happening to the Head of science so that he/she knows what chemicals are now being utilised. Also the Senior Science Technician and the RPA representative has to advise the other Science technicians on what they need to wear when handling a specific chemical for example a white coat is needed when handling most chemicals as it provides relative protection from most chemicals and also broken glass and other hazards. The communication between the Senior technician and the other technicians either needs to be face to face or via email so that the information that needs to be told doesn’t get distorted.
Storing Chemicals Chemicals are stored differently depending on their classification. There are regulations provided by CLEAPSS on how to store chemicals and the school must stay within these. Toxic chemicals are stored in a special metal cabinet so that they cannot harm or endanger anyone there are specific cabinets for dry chemicals, liquid chemicals, flammable chemicals etc. These specific cabinets ensure that the chemicals are stored in the correct way for their properties. The storage room must be well ventilated because some of the chemicals may give off an odour/potent smell which after a certain amount of time could have an effect on the health of the science technicians for example causing nausea. The Senior Science Technician and the other Technicians have to communicate very efficiently whilst storing chemicals as there are a number of details that have to...

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