Science The Uneasy Untrusting Feeling

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Over the past century science has proven itself again and again as an invaluable source toward the improvement of our way of life. Who can argue that by creating a more reliable way of generating high voltage sparks we are not better off with the invention of the automobile? In the 1940's, when computers evolved from major advances in electronics and mathematics, can anyone truthfully say we would be better off without them? Medications are now available that can reduce our cholesterol, lower our blood pressure, decrease the chance of heart attacks and strokes, and overall, help us live longer and healthier lives. By contrast, automobiles are now produced in factories that spew carbon dioxide and hundreds of other substances into the air that are slowly altering our entire atmosphere. This could lead to global warming and perhaps permanently affect the world climate. Scientists have also used results of their research to manufacture substances that have no other purpose but to cause destruction by the creation of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Humans have valid reasons for their uneasy feelings regarding the scientific community, question their results and even challenge their findings but do not lose faith in the world of science and its enormous potential. Put the blame where it belongs, on the individuals and industries that misuse scientific results and findings for their own benefit regardless of the consequences.I live twenty-five miles north of New York City. A major discussion throughout my junior high and high school years was about the plans to create a super highway along the West Side of Manhattan from the George Washington Bridge to Battery Park City, an argument that started back in the early 1970's. The three lane Henry Hudson Parkway which parallels the Hudson River ended at Fifty-Sixth Street, or about one-third the length of Manhattan. It then turned into a roadway with a light at every block causing innumerable traffic problems and making the drive into New York a nightmare. Plans were drawn up to create a super highway that would connect at Fifty-Sixth Street and whisk cars and trucks downtown at lightning speed. A great benefit for the commuter but a terrible blow to the ecosystem of the Hudson River. Beginning in the 1970's New York City, in its effort to revitalize the West Side, began tearing down buildings and roadways. This was done with little regard to the effect of the established marine and plant life along the coastline of the Hudson River. The project would also cause West Side residents' years of enduring the proposed heavy construction. Scientific findings poured into City Hall demonstrating how detrimental this project would be to marine life in the Hudson. In an unprecedented move politicians ended plans for the super highway and chose the future of the Hudson River over the convenience of the New York commuter.With the input of engineers and scientists, a plan was devised that created a beautiful...

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