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Science Versus Religion From A Friedrich Nietzche Perspective "God Is Dead"

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In This Corner, Weighing In At 2000 Years of Misinformation, Religion!In the beginning, God created the world. At least, that is what the majority of society has been taught since birth. Today, with the aid of science, however, many are beginning to question this belief. Friedrich Nietzsche quotes in The Gay Science that "Gods decompose. God is dead. And we have killed him". (section 125) Perhaps science is what "killed God", and man invented science. The conflict between God and science dates back to the earliest of times, when Galileo was tried by the Catholic church for claiming that the universe does not revolve around the Earth, but perhaps the Earth revolves around the sun, which revolves around a source much larger then that. This perverted view is still popular today. Many educators are trying to throw the theory of evolution out of schools, or force teachers to teach "creationism" along with evolution. Science has replaced God, or as Nietzsche said "killed God". Modern science has debunked many commonly believed myths, such as the myth of "Adam and Eve", "Noah's Ark", and most of the other accounts told of in the Bible. Instead, today the church is an instrument, keeping man away from what is the truth. Research on the origin of man are constantly being attacked by the Christian movement, organization such as the Christian Coalition are trying to stop this vital research on man's origins. Instead, man is letting his own beliefs get in the way of the truth. Unlike religion, truth inDwyer 2science is always up for debate and revisions, while religious "truths" have very little flexibility. In the 1920s, Edward Hubble made the discovery that the universe is expanding, and one day perhaps the universe will reach it's ultimate expansion point, and then regress. Further, he deduced that the universe was at one time condensed matter, and then expanded into what science refers to as "The Big Bang". Christian organizations will not hear of this. In Christianity, it is told that man is descended from a man named Adam, and his wife, Eve. When Eve ate the apple of knowledge and shared it with her husband, both of them were cast from the Garden of Eden, and bred on Earth to form society as is known today.The Kansas Board of Education, in 1999, tried to have any mention of evolution removed from its' curriculum. If a person, devoid of any contact from religion, heard this, they would probably laugh and dismiss it as a child's story. However, today, some individuals still cling onto this old myth, used to try and explain human life before modern day science. Before there was science, the only way to try and explain these unanswerable questions was to devise stories that made sense. People clung onto these stories, using them as a security blanket, and as a way of explaining life, death, creation, etc. Now, with modern day science, one would be inclined to think that any rational human being would dismiss these stories and embrace true science, true...

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