Scientfic Advancements Due To Relativity Essay

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Thorough in information, few grammatical errors -John WiseEdwardsHonors English II : B21 February 1996Scientific Advancements Due to RelativityThe scientific world of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century believed they discovered all of the laws and equations of the natural world. Those scientists based their works and studies on the rules of classical physics. Only a few humans remained as revolutionary thinkers and physicists within the community of that time period. Albert Einstein fell into the rare revolutionary group of imaginative scientists. Einstein discovered many revolutionary equations and theories during his lifetime. Although one of the half respectable theorists of the twentieth century, he did not perform well in grade school or college. He spent most of his career researching and studying in Europe, starting in the Swiss Patent Office. With the ample and serene conditions at the Patent Office, Einstein could ponder on his theories and thoughts (Motz and Weaver 243-7). At the Patent Office, he discovered the Special Theory of Relativity and the Photoelectric Effect (Motz and Weaver 244; 'Quantum Theory' 4). Then in 1910, Einstein moved to the University of Prague for a full professorship. Mr. Einstein developed the basis of the General Theory of Relativity in Prague. The Annalen der Physik, a German science publication, published his General Theory of Relativity, which shows that 'space is not merely a backdrop against which the events of the universe unfold, but that space itself has a fundamental structure that is affected by the energy and masses of the bodies it contains.' This curvature of space propelled him to include the newly-formed positively curved geometry of Georg Riemann. The positively curved geometry contained curved lines and planes replacing the old Euclid straight lines and planes. After the discovery of the General Theory of Relativity, he began to 'formulate mathematical framework that would unite both electromagnetism and gravitation,' which is now called the unified field theory. When the Nazis overran Germany in 1932, Einstein fled to the United States of America where he continued his work at Princeton. He was a professor in the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton where he died during practice in 1955 (Motz and Weaver 247-50). The two theories of relativity were the most recognized theories of Einstein's works. Likewise, they produced the most significant effects onto the scientific world. Einstein's composition of the theories of relativity impacted the scientific community by spurring the intellectual growth of quantum theory and mechanics, by theorizing and discovery of black holes, and by the beginning of formulating new theories and experiments in the area of time travel.Einstein's development of his famed equations and theories caused the scientific society to look at classical physics at a whole new perspective. At the same time of the discovery of relativity, modernistic physicists...

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