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Scientific Advancements To The Study And Treatment Of Cancer

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“The origin of the word cancer is credited to the Greek physician Hippocrates (460-370 BC), who is considered the “Father of Medicine.” (American Cancer Society) Cancer has become in the last years the second leading death in America and it was also in 2012 accounted for 8.2 billion deaths around the world but this silent killer has been around for a long time; Scientist have discover that in the earliest civilizations as the Egyptians, human mummies, and human manuscripts found remains of cancerous tumors on the bones. The definition of cancer is many out-of-control cells growing rapidly non- stop, eventually start to invade other tissues in the body as well as organs in the body. Today many scientific advancements have been made related to both in the study of cancer and treatments. One of the first famous surgeons in the eighteen-century to make a great improvement in oncology was John Hunter (1728−1793) which suggested that some cancers might be cured by surgery and described how the surgeon might decide which cancers to operate which he would state that if the tumor had not invaded nearby tissue and was “moveable,” he said, “There is no impropriety in removing it.” After some time in the nineteen-century surgeons and scientist develop anesthesia to perform surgery to a more precise level which made them gain a better understanding to a true surgery in removing cancerous tumors and detecting cancer.
In oncology there is different professional fields that include pediatric oncologist nurses, pediatric oncologist doctor, oncologist doctor, hematologist as well as a radiologist; this positions cover a wide variety of professions in the oncology field. "Pediatric oncologist (pee-dee-AT-trick on-kahl-uh-jist): a doctor who specializes in caring for children and teens with cancer (sometimes up to age 21)." (American Cancer Society) "A pediatric oncologist treats cancer and related diseases in children. This demanding career requires rigorous training after completing medical school, but it brings substantial financial compensation and the possible reward of saving a child's life." (John DeMerceau). Pediatric oncologists are similar to a point but very different in other ways, nurses are usually the ones that have a one on one relationship with children patients and doctors do diagnoses even though this is at most hospitals sometimes nurses can serve to some point as a doctor that diagnoses and treats the patients. To be on the look out of becoming a pediatric nurse one must after finishing high school, go into a four year college and graduate with Pre-Medicine, or something in the science field like Chem. or Bio. Then they would have completed about 6 years in training after finishing medical school, which would regularly take about 4- 8 years. During this time he or she really starts to get a whole new perspective understanding in the field of oncology and hematology. Many of the people who do enter into this career start of by just wanting to...

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