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Scientific Case In Favor Of The Existence Of God

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Though many people are of the opinion that science and religion contradict each other, they actually work together and closely examining modern science leads an inquisitive thinker to believe that there is most likely a God. Many Christians instantly discard the idea of evolution, but by keeping an open mind in how God can work, a Christian may discover that God works in unexpected ways and evolution may not be out of the question. After all, if God can use someone who persecuted and killed Christians to become one of those who spread the Gospel farthest, why couldn’t He use evolution, something Christians would think would go against the existence of God, to further His purpose?
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God created plants and animals in a way that they would be at least somewhat adaptive to change. As the world changes, so do the animals within it, not because God did not create them perfectly the first time, but because in His omnipotence He knew the earth would be a dynamic environment and in order to survive the changes, His creations needed to be able to adapt to their surroundings.
Francisco J Ayala points out that early Christian scholars, such as Gregory of Nazianzus and Augustine, were in favor of some theory of evolution. Their reason for favoring a view of evolution was not biological, but rather Biblical. Science Daily estimates that there are approximately 6.5 million species of land animals and within that well over 5,000 families of animals. Based on the Biblical flood story’s dimensions for the ark, and the fact that they needed enough food and water to sustain Noah, his family, and all the animals until the flood waters subsided and they were able to go onto land, the conclusion was drawn that there must not have been near as many kinds of animals then as there are today. Even without taking into account all the food and water necessary, it would have been impossible to fit two of every family of animal, much less two of every currently living species.
According to Michael J. Behe states, “Typically, such traps have a number of parts: a spring, a wooden platform, a hammer, and other pieces. If one removes a piece from the trap, it cannot catch mice. Without the spring, or hammer, or any of the other pieces, one does not have a trap that works half as well as it used to, or a quarter as well; one has a broken mousetrap, which does not work at all.” This shows that every part of the earth is essential, maybe not directly for us as humans, but for some organism it is important and all organisms are in some way distantly connected. If an organism suddenly ceased to exist, it would affect other organisms as well due to the loss of a food source or a predator to keep the population in check. If anything was missing from the earth, it would not be able to sustain life.
One of the strongest rationalizations for the existence of God is the amount if order in the world. Some people try to debate this logic saying that with enough chances, eventually there would be order. William Paley points out while people use this logic for the creation of the world, they would seem crazy to try to use this logic for anything else. He uses the example of running across a stone, if someone ask how long the stone has been there, or how it got there, he could say that for all he knows it was always there. However if he stumbled across a watch and was asked how long the watch had been there, or how it got there, it would be ridiculous to think it had always been there. Looking at the watch, even if no one was anywhere nearby, it would be automatically assumed that a skilled watchmaker made it. The amount of order in the watch cannot be reconciled unless it...

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