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Scientific Evidence And Blood Splatter Essay

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Scientific evidence can include DNA genetic profiling, time of death determinations, ballistic fingerprinting, drug testing, and many other items. Scientific evidence is information that is linked to cognition that so happen to have been established in applying the precise hypothesis. Which factors in that the groundwork in the evidence is being used; has been demonstrated and certified; it’s usually authorized in the methodical commonality (Find Law, 2014).
Which type of scientific evidence is most interesting to you? The scientific evidence that most interest me is blood splatter/stains. Blood splatter/stains can tell a story, even if there isn't any other evidence to prove a case the ...view middle of the document...

The defense witness mentioned Diane Johnson the mother did have a comforter that she was wrapped in from head to toe; that would interfere with the blood splatter pattern. The third witness for the defense who testified said that the close-range shots that killed the mother would have exposed enormous amounts of blood against the shooter, who apparently was standing within a foot away from the victim (, 2005).
Investigators did analyze the pajamas that Sarah Johnson was wearing at the time of the shooting, and didn’t find either DNA of her parents on them. Howard did mention if one was in the same room at the time of the shooting then one would have some kind of DNA on their person and some sort of blood splatter; they did the necessary examination in the labs on her pajamas but came up with nothing on them. He also mentioned that there was no blood found on the tops of her socks that she was wearing; but her mother’s blood was found on the bottoms of the socks. But, police did find blood splatter on a robe belonging to Sarah; which had a misting pattern which indicates the shooter was wearing the robe. DNA was found in the robe belonging to Sarah, which cannot be connected to that day of the shooting, which is a key argument for the defense. Howard did mention that he didn't know who the shooter is but it can’t be Sarah (, 2005).
Howard didn't look over all the evidence that was presented to him; he overlooked evidence that was found such as Sarah’s DNA was found on the rifle that was used in the death of her parents. Prosecutors questioned Howard’s credentials and his scientific validity, which happened to be three sentences long; they compared it to the state’s blood splatter expert analysis which they wrote a 12 page report. Both sides were arguing about evidence on what each other’s credentials were. The state blood splatter expert asked Howard; “how could he have made a conclusion without all...

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