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Scientific Experiment: Will Coke, Water Or Vinegar Take Off Rust The Quickest?

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Grace Baucom

I am going to see which liquid- coke, water, or vinegar, will clear rust the fastest. I am doing this to make old and rusty nails look better and become stronger. This will result in better buildings and projects. It will also help recycling. When we throw out nails, rusty or not, we waste iron and steel. This project might help that problem. I believe vinegar will clear rust the fastest since my family sometimes uses vinegar to clean our jewelry. I will do this project by dropping rusty nails in water, vinegar, and coke.

For this project you need many things. The first things you need are three plastic cups. The rust may stain on the cups so I recommend plastic ones. You want three nails covered in rust. All the nails must be the same size. You need a camera to take pictures of the changes that occur to the nail. Also, you need to get water, coke, and vinegar. It doesn’t matter what type of vinegar but I recommend regular coke. I would also appreciate it if you use tap water. The last thing you need is paper and a pencil.

You can find the cups and the coke at the dollar store. I found the nails in an old tool shed, but they may also be at the hardware store. The water I got came from the kitchen sink, though water can come from almost any store. The vinegar will be at your local grocery store. I found the pencil in my pencil case, but they too can be found in almost every store. I got the paper at Staples. Like the water and the pencil, paper can be found almost anywhere. I got the idea for this project from the internet.

To do this project, first, put three plastic cups on the kitchen counter. Next, pour the vinegar in one cup, water in the second cup, and coke in the last cup. Then, label your cups. After that, drop a rusty nail in each cup. After that, take a picture of the nails every day. Finally, record what happened to...

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