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Scientific Explanation Of Paranbormal Phenomena Essay

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I've always been fascinated with the paranormal world, In fact many of my relative claim to have witnessed encounters. I understand there are skeptic out there but as for me I'm A believer. After a long day of family oriented activities, at nightfall my family would gather and exchange stories. Each one sharing unique other worldly experience, which taught them a life lesson, frightened them, or just gave them another good story to share. I’ve done extensive research on the paranormal and I have to say it gives a sense of hope and security. I’ve personally have not ever experienced anything that can be defined as paranormal. Conversely, I have observed and studied documented evidence both ...view middle of the document...

The home where the possession occurred was just like any other Midwestern farm.
1877 in Wateska Laurancy Vennum a 13-year-old girl began falling into unconscious trances. Ms. Vennum would speak in different voices, and speak of faraway places she had no real knowledge of. When Laurancy would wake from her trances, she wouldn't remember anything. News of the girl’s abnormal behavior quickly spread, and soon everyone wanted to see the he. Laurancy’s activities gained attention of many including spiritualist from everywhere. Doctors examined Laurancy and found nothing physically wrong so eventually she as diagnosed mentally ill. She was later sent to an asylum, which like most asylums at the time had little knowledge of how to treat the mentally ill (they were locked in cages).
Before Laurancy was sent away a man named Roff begged the family not to committee Laurancy. Roff daughter Mary has suffered the same faith, and was later mistakenly institutionalized. Mary meet her demise but Roff still believed her tormented spirit lived on. Mary began to have seizures when she was young and complained of mysterious voices in her head. As Mary began grew older she began to fall into coma like trances. The voices grew stronger and began to communicate things she could not have known with an uncanny accuracy. These events were thoroughly investigated by experts. Reportedly, she was able to predict future events with accuracy. She began to grow increasingly angry and violent, and so she developed a habit of drawing blood from her body (In one incident using leeches).
Later Mary was discovered in her own blood and was sent to an asylum. The techniques placed to "cure" insanity where barbaric and like many other victims it resulted in Mary's death. At the Time of Mary's death Laurancy was still a child . On That day Laurancy said she saw heaven and her dead brother. Laurancy claims the voices attacked her all throughout the house. Roff followed this case very carefully. Since the family exhausted every possibility in vain. Roff brought in...

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