Scientist And Their Affections In The Baroque Time

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We know the Baroque time is also the time for the birth of modern science. Scientist like Galileo, Descartes, Locke … contributed astounding researching for human kind. Beside their contribution in the science, Lawrence in his book Culture and Values A Survey of the Humanities, these scientist like Descartes, Hobbes “instead of accepting official church teachings, tried to examine the problem of human existence by their own intellectual approaches” (407). They are not only impressive scientist but also magnificent humanist.First, we talk about Galileo and his contribution. Unlike Copernicus, killed by the Catholic church, Galileo could get away with his “crime”. At that time, people began to have knowledge and the concept of humanity, they had “trust in science ad in the power of human reason, belief in a natural order, and an overriding faith in the theory of progress that the world was better than it had ever been and was bound to get better still” (413). People believe more in the science which mean less in the church and their doctrines. The church could not do something like “ground of heresy” anymore. Due to the Galileo case, we know that the power of the church is no more. The Bible is no more the only text book for everything for we have known about the departure of many kind or art and thinking from the teaching of the church and the bile: humanism, mannerism and science which should be taken away separately from what it described in the bible. It was the time the church failed to control the most impressive thing: the power of knowledge. Galileo “se forth a new way of approaching scientific...

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