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The class was provided with an opportunity to participate in a field study observing a registered nurse in a practical setting. The objective was to experience and gain knowledge of different settings and roles a registered nurse can practice in. During the field experience I observed a registered nurse, L. Judd, at Mount Royal University (MRU). L. Judd is currently the Chair of the Bachelor of Nursing program, and has been involved in nursing education at both MRU and McMaster University. In addition to her experience in curriculum development, L. Judd practiced in a clinical setting for ten years in intensive care and surgical units prior to her transition into a nurse educator role. Observations of L. Judd’s practice took place in a boardroom at MRU during an International Directors Working Group committee meeting. Faculty and students were working on establishing a philosophy statement regarding global health for future international education related opportunities. In attendance were six nursing faculty members, three students in the Bachelor of Nursing program and the Chair, L. Judd. Throughout the meeting I determined two domains of practice: education and administration, as well as three quality characteristics that L. Judd demonstrated as a professional and competent nurse: knowledge, leadership and collaboration which make great contribution to her impact on the health care system and the individuals she cares for.
The College and Association of Registered Nurses (2005) states that “four major domains are identifiable within the profession of registered nursing: clinical practice, administration, education and research” (p. 3). Of these four domains, two that were observable in the field experience were administration and education. “Registered nurse administrators, educators and researchers contribute to the provision of direct client care by maintaining, supporting and enabling direct care providers; developing and communicating knowledge and policy; and ensuring that the necessary resources are in place for safe, competent and ethical care” (p. 3)
As a nurse administrator L. Judd lead the meeting into an in depth discussion about important characteristics of nursing: health promotion, doing, sharing, primary health care, collaborative partnerships and leadership. These characteristics were important to consider when selecting key words for the mission statement, as it will affect the education of the students that graduate from the Bachelor of Nursing program. The knowledge and experience gained through classroom education and clinical practice based on this mission could potentially change the health care system and the well-being of individuals. By initiating the meeting and working to expand the range of nursing education, L. Judd demonstrated the nurse administrator role by creating an environment that empowered the registered nurses of the faculty to utilize critical thinking and participate in decision-making (as cited by...

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