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Scope Of Works Essay

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1. This annex outlines a concise scope of works for the proposed Military Guard Service (MGS) Facility. A detailed Engineer Plan (DEP) should be produced in a later date prior to commencing the construction task. The sequences and details in this annex are for the guidance only and should be assessed by relevant person while producing DEP.

2. There is feasibility of undertaking concurrent activity, however careful assessment and consideration should be given to the Health and Safety of all personnel on site.

Scope of works

3. The scope of works for the proposed MGS Facility is as follows:

a. Site clearance and excavations. The Infrastructure Support Provider has ...view middle of the document...

The incentive of a sustainable urban drainage system is implemented by designing a soakaway to dispose surface water within the proximity of the proposed building. New drainage runs are to be excavated in accordance to the drainage plan satisfying the specified gradient on DWG No. PEW/173/TIRR/TS/002.

c. Foundations. The foundations are to be trench fill foundation with a depth of 550 mm. The external wall foundations are to be 752 mm wide whilst internal are to be 550 mm wide. In addition, pad foundation of 1010 x 780 mm should also be constructed for the column at the veranda. All foundations are ready mix concrete to the design specification. The slump test should be conducted at the time of delivery with and sample should be taken for 7 and 28 days compressive strength test. The relevant consideration and precaution should be taken whilst pouring and curing the concrete. Ducts for services should be positioned before pouring the concrete.

d. Floor. All wastewater and sanitary appliances' outlet should be position prior to laying the floor components. The ground floor slab is to be 100 mm thick ready mix in-situ concrete slab to designed specification. The floor slab is to be laid on top of 1200 gauge DPM, 40 mm thick sand blinding and 150 mm thick hardcore. The concrete is to be poured in 3.0 to 3.5 m long to allow for expansion and contraction joints. 50 mm thick insulation should be placed between 75 mm thick screed and the floor slab. However, few courses of internal wall should be constructed prior to placing insulation and floor screed over the floor slab.

e. Walls. All the load-bearing walls to be placed centrally on the foundation in accordance to DWG No. PEW/173/TIRR/TS/004. All load bearing and non load bearing walls are to be of following configuration:

(1) External walls. All external walls are to be 302.5 mm thick cavity wall construction comprising of 215 x 102.5 x 65 mm brickwork, 100 mm cavity and 440 x 215 x 100 mm blockwork. The compressive strength of the bricks is to be 15 kN/mm2 and a block is to be 3.6 kN/mm2. Brick and block are to be laid in 10 mm mortar of specified designation. Engineering bricks are to be used below Damp Proof Course (DPC) level whilst facing bricks are to be used above DPC level. Walls should be fully filled with the insulation. Wall ties and weep holes are to be position in accordance to the specification.

(2) Internal walls. All internal walls are to be 100 mm thick blockwork construction comprising of 440 x 215 x 100 mm concrete blocks. The compressive strength of the blocks is to be 306 kN/mm2.

f. Roof. The roof structure is to comprise site manufactured traditional roof configuration. It is to be installed in accordance to DWG No. PEW/173/TIRR/TS/005. Roof covering should consist of 300 x 336 mm Cambrian slate to incorporate with the surrounding roof covering 25 x 50 mm battens and underlay between rafters and battens. All the associated accessories and...

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