Scotland's Future Finally In The Hands Of The Scottish

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The Acts of Union were signed in 1707, uniting Scotland and England as one , forming one of the most admired countries in the world, Great Britain. England, until now, has been the most powerful sovereign state of Britain and holds nearly all control over Scotland and its neighbouring countries, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland, having previously once been its own country, would now like to gain control and take care of its own affairs again. Back in 2013 it was arranged that on September 18th, 2014, Scotland will hold a referendum for the Scottish people who will vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if they believe Scotland should become an independent country.
Scotland wanting to gain independence has been a constant, remaining issue for sometime. Scotland received their first chance to vote for independence in 1979, however the majority of Scotland voted no. Then later in 1997 a vote was held for Scotland to have its own parliament with devolved powers, which the people of Scotland voted yes to, and which was then granted in 1999. The vote this September, nonetheless, will be a pivotal point in British history as Scotland has the chance again to break away from the rest of Britain for good.
Scotland's independence is a hotly debated subject with both sides, pro-union and pro-independence, having strong campaigns. Both campaigns, ‘Better Together’ and ‘Yes Scotland’, are unfortunately both biased as they are bombarding the British people with distorted facts, statistics and predictions in hope to gain more support. The public should therefore view both sides claims, expert opinions and keep an open mind to make the right decision on this very important matter on whether it is in Scotlands best interest to become independent or remain part of Britain.
Scotland has used the same currency as England for nearly 307 years and the current currency of the United Kingdom is the Pound Sterling shared by all the Kingdom and which happens to be one of the oldest and most successful currencies in the world. If Scotland were to leave the Kingdom, it is questioned if Scotland should still be entitled to use the Pound Sterling as currency. This is one of the most popular and complex issues in the referendum. Both sides often make remarks and debate while rebutting with many different complications to the other sides point, making it a headache for any person to try and predict the outcome of the currency of an independent Scotland.
The Better Together campaign, funded by the British government have a very set view on the issue, that an independent Scotland will not be allowed to use the pound as currency as it belongs to the United Kingdom as a whole. The Scottish Nationalist Party or SNPs, the main party of the Scottish Parliament, have declared that they will definitely keep the pound and Alex Salmond, Scotlands First Minister announced that “The pound is Scotland’s currency just as much as it is the rest of the UK’s” (Macnab, Scottish Independence). With all this...

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