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In the modern day television series Teen Wolf, the main protagonist Scott McCall goes through a process of personal growth that falls in line with Joseph Campbell’s outline of a hero’s journey. The hero's journey, or monomyth, is the sequence of events or situations that cause a transformation within a character, taking them from their ordinary life and placing them at the pinnacle of extraordinary life. Chris Vogler, a contemporary of Joseph Campbell, says, “. . .[the hero's journey] is as infinitely varied as the human race itself; and yet its basic form remains the same. . .” There is always a departure, an initiation, and a return. The departure includes the first five stages of the journey: introduction of the character in their ordinary life, the character's call to adventure, refusal of the call (by the character or one of their associates), the character's meeting with a mentor (who will guide them throughout the journey), and crossing the first threshold from the ordinary world to the special world. The initiation includes the next four stages: tests of the character and introduction of enemies/allies, approaching the place of paramount importance, the supreme ordeal (usually in the face of death), and the seizing of the sword or the character's reward. The return is made up of the last three stages: the road back (wherein the character leaves the special world for their normal life), the resurrection or transformation caused by events past, and- finally- the return with the elixir or arrival home with some sort of treasure or boon to mankind. Scott McCall, like all characters on the journey, goes through these same phases. In accordance with many other famous journeys, his has more influence of the supernatural nature.
The introduction of Scott McCall in his ordinary world of Beacon Hills, California is a exemplary display of the beginning of the journey. Scott starts as an asthmatic, dumb, friendless nobody. Even though he's on the lacrosse team, he's only a bench warmer. He's very easily manipulated and is often times quite anxious. Only having one friend, Stiles Stilinski, Scott can quite easily be described as a loser. Because Scott is the protagonist of the series and has a lackluster existence, he's the prime candidate for something great. That's when he gets his call.
Unlike some journeys of famous heroes, Scott gets a literal call to adventure. His best friend, Stiles, comes to his house and convinces him to go out into the woods and look for a dead body. More of a follower than a leader at this point, Scott goes along with Stiles's plan. Unfortunately, once they get deep into the woods, Stiles is caught by his father, the sheriff of Beacon Hills, who was also out looking for the body. He does his best to keep Scott out of trouble, claiming that he's alone when he's not, but it only causes Scott to be left on his own in a dangerous situation. He's trying to leave when he's frightened by some sort of monster. In true prey...

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