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Compare & Contrast Essay: Scott & The Barber In our world, there are people who may value the same things, however, one may value something different than one of another body. Scott from “I’ve Got Gloria,“ and the Barber from “Just Lather, that’s all,” both value some similarities and differences with each other. Scott and the Barber are similar because they both value life and responsibility, whereas they are different because Scott values his parents and the Barber values honor. Scott and the Barber both value life because they both express the importance of it, and they both value responsibility because they take liability of their actions. On the other hand, Scott values his parents because he takes their advice, and the Barber values honor because he takes interest in his job.Scott and the Barber both value life. The Barber values life in many ways, and he conveys that life is precious. This is shown when the Barber says, “No one deserves to have someone else make the sacrifice of becoming a murderer.” (Hernando, 50). Clearly, the quote relates to the value because the Barber is explaining the importance of life because he is saying that no one deserves to have someone else sacrifice his or her life to kill another human being. Further more, the Barber also values life because in the story he is thinking to himself about the tough decisions that come along in life. This is shown when the Barber says, “I don’t want to be a murderer.” (Hernando, 50). Clearly, the quote relates to the value because the Barber wants to stay as the good person he is, and if he ever became a murderer, his life would be ruined due to the consequences of one committing murder. In comparison, Scott is similar to the Barber because he also values life. Scott is expressing his feelings about his life. This is shown when Scott says, “Life is hard enough.” (M.E. Kerr, 174) Clearly, the quote relates to the value because Scott is stressed out and he is making a point saying that his life is tough. Furthermore, Scott also values life because in the story, he is talking about things that happen in life. This is shown when Scott says, “Sometimes you screw up.” (M.E. Kerr, 174). Clearly, Scott is admitting that in life, there are times at when you admit you are wrong. In addition, Scott values life because he knows that one has to admit when he or she is wrong at times, and it is a part of life.Scott and the Barber share another similarity between them. They both value responsibility. In the story, the Barber values the responsibility that comes when doing his job with perfection. This is shown when the Barber says, “The soap was drying on his face. I had to hurry” (Hernando, 50). Clearly, the quote relates to the value because the Barber is showing that he is responsible in doing a good job and not messing up on anything. Likewise, the Barber also values responsibility because in the...

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