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Screen And Media – Argumentative Essay

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Newspapers and Magazines have altered significantly since the late 1990s and continue to change due to the rapid developments of technology. Conversion of newspaper to online, instant access to news and online magazines are considerable changes within the print media industry due the technological advancements since the late 1990’s. News content can now be streamed on any technological device, therefore the news can be now be carried around and checked at anytime and anywhere in the world instantly. News online is becoming a more convenient substitute for the old newspaper due to the convenience of the holding a small mobile device to look up news stories compared to holding a large newspaper. Online magazines provide an eco-friendly solution to the hard copy magazine and are easily downloadable through a website or app store. These major changes to print media since the late 1990s has changed the way news companies produce and distribute their information to the world.

Paragraph 1

The conversion from newspapers to online is slowly occurring and becoming an easier more cost efficient solution to accessing the news. Since the late 1990’s changes have been made to phase out newspapers and ideally have news mainly on a technological device. Reading the newspaper was once the only way of finding out what was happening in the local area and worldwide. But this is all changing, with the current developments to technology within the past decade reading the news is now as simple as clicking on the internet tab. Major developments to this change was on June 18th 2012 when the CEO of Fairfax Media Greg Haywood announced the closing of two of their printing plants which evidently cost over 1900 jobs over the two plants (Cunningham, S, Turnball S 2014). This sudden announcement signalled the shift of newspapers to online media. According to Tiffen and Gittens, the “circulation of print newspapers continues to plummet and we believe that the only print newspapers that will survive are the largest companies” (Tiffen and Gittens 2009, p.96) For example: New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. With this being said, newspapers will still be sold but the production and distribution of newspapers is costly. In comparison to online news outlets due to having to print millions of copies of newspapers then distributing them out to residential and business areas. This is also a time consuming task especially when the news is always occurring, however with the news proceeding to the internet the days of hefty production and distribution costs will be in the past. Therefore, having media online would be more cost effective and includes many benefits that are more appealing.

Paragraph 2

The convenience of having the news streamed directly onto your mobile or tablet device continues to be the driving force in the change from newspapers to online media. Before the development of online media, newspapers were only in paper form and had to be...

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