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Screenplay Writing Essay

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Dan Stearns English Composition Report Introduction 09/21/09
Writing a screenplay is a difficult task, not to mention writing a good one. Finding a formula for the greatest screenplay is impossible, but all great films and TV show have certain trends. They all have well-rounded characters that have been created before writing the screenplay, they are all unique, and these characters can be enjoyed by all cultures, for instance, Light Yagami from Death Note. Also they all have engaging tales that show originality, take place in exciting environments, compel their audience with few words such as the machinima Why We Kill, by Skizaine on, and makes a statement. Most importantly, screenplays always have good writers also keep their creativity up by watching films, discussing writing with friends, by reading books, and by writing often.One important concept of screenwriting is to make your characters enjoyable. In order to make a good character, you must think about your character before you write him into the screenplay. You must also make a good character unique, not a stereotype. Also, you must stay away from a character that is only relevant to one culture. It is imperative that you create your character before you add him into the screenplay. You can't just 'wing it'. You should envision his character traits. A good way to do this is to base your character's traits off of someone you know. In Red vs. Blue, a popular web series created by Rooster Teeth, the main character, Private Church, is very well rounded and as such is a remarkable character. His essence didn't change through the series; it stayed the same because they knew what Church was going to be like before they put him on screen. Doc, another character form the series, is not very well rounded, and has fewer fans than Church does. This is because his personality changed in the story, whereas Church, the easily ticked off Alpha AI, was based on Rooster Teeth staff member Gus Sorola's angry yet intelligent personality.When you are planning your character, make him unique. An example of a clichéd character is in every Steven Seagal movie. There's nothing special about a guy who knows martial arts, plays by his own rules, and goes killing people to save a girl. If you've seen a Steven Seagal movie, you've probably never walked away saying "Wow, that wasn't a complete waste of my time." The movie Equilibrium is entirely different. The main character, the Cleric (Christian Bale) is another martial arts master, but he also has depth. His uniqueness is in his strong emotions, which are dramatically displayed throughout the rising action to the climax and denouement.Also, your character must be unique but not specific. That means your character can't be entirely based on the culture. If this was so, then how could someone from another country enjoy the story? Death Note, a popular anime, has a good example of a unique character that is not culture specific: Light Yagami....

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