Script Kiddies: The New Threat On The Internet

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Nowadays the attacks through the Internet have increased. Those attacks are under the name of malwares. Malwares are malicious software, such as a virus, Trojans, which is specifically designed to disrupt or damage a computer system. Since malwares contains most of the Internet attacks. One of the malwares attacks called the script kiddies. They are known by their ignorance and lack of knowledge about the information system, Internet and computers attacks. Those script kiddies have some motivations and accomplishment to prove to the society that they can control important website so they could control the users accounts and effect other people from society.
Importance of Securing Our System From Hackers
With our world today, technology has become a huge part of our lives. We use it from the simple tasks we do to the most complex and important ones. For this reason, we should take measures into making sure that our files and information are safe. To do this, we could simply start with creating complex and different passwords for each website we use. Next, we could back up our data in case of an attack from a hacker or a virus. Lastly, we need to remind ourselves to update the software we use and most especially our antivirus. These simple steps are what are needed for a better protection in the world of our growing technology.
Different Types of Hackers
Initially, there are only two types of hackers, which are the white hat hacker, and the black hat hacker. As the name suggests, the white hat hacker is the “good” or “ethical” hacker that works for a legal organization, security companies, and government. Their main purpose is to protect the information and data of the organization they are working for. However, the black hat hackers are completely different from the white hat hackers. Their main purpose is to mislead people’s information in the web and use it for malicious purposes. Black hat hackers compromise a computer system or a network without permission to do so. Some black hat hackers even aim on hacking bank accounts to make money for a living.
Who Are the Script Kiddies?
The term “script kiddies” in the hackers’ world refers to young individuals who are unskilled and lack of knowledge of properly exploiting a data. Script kiddies are between the ages of fourteen to nineteen and are self-taught through the Internet. Their aim is to hack certain data or websites for fun. Most times, they are not even aware that they have already hacked into a webserver until it has been caught by media attention. The type of hacking that script kiddies do is not too sophisticated compared to the work of the real hackers. Security analysts (or white hat hacker) are able to repair the damage that has been done by the script kiddies. Although their work is not too harmful to the users of the Internet, we should still take them into our consideration of the type of hackers we should look out for.
Script kiddies’ motivations
Script kiddies...

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