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Scriptural Coverage: Genesis 1 11 Essay

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Scriptural Coverage: Genesis 1-11
How it relates to modern western science. It is the first book in the section of the Bible known as the Torah.
Torah means Law.
It is the longest book of the five books of the Torah. Some say it may have been written while Moses was in Median.
Step One
If these chapters are viewed from the world's standpoint,
1) Totally antagonistic
2) Total agreement
3) Points of similarity

Science is a research method. It changes in light of new knowledge.

Step Two

Genesis and Modern History
-eastern and western genres differ
-Genesis 1-11 pre-history
-veiled in literary genre
Veiled in historical drama like history of Revelation.
-a historically-based religion
-stands or falls on its historical events

Some events are beyond our comprehension, but they are communicated in a way that is relatable. This is known as accommodation.

Step Three

There are parallels of chapters found in 1-3, and 6-9 from Mesopotamian sources. The similarities include the following:
-story line

It must be understood that Biblical monotheism is unique. What is also unique in reading the Bible is the dignity of humanity.
Step Four
Dangers of Approaching Genesis as just literature
This view leads to mythological interpretation causing it to be seen as non-historical.
Genesis—God has delivered a self-revelation using human language, analogies, negations. It is true and trustworthy, but it is not exhaustive. Remember what Paul wrote, "we see through a glass darkly." We are reading about an Infinite God with a finite human mind.
We are also introduced to the doctrine of Sin. The understanding of the introduction of universal sin is revealed. This shows the following truths:
1. Inevitability of physical death;
2. Enigma of suffering and sickness;
3. The inherent selfishness in babies (this is an unlearned attitude)
4. Propensity of men to lie
5. Motive of one person to harm another, etc.
Sin is a transgression of divine law.
Genesis Is a Revelation of Certain Specific Things
1. God
2. The Beginning of Human Rebellion and Sin
3. Redemption Plan of God
There are eternities related to these truths. It also reveals the who and the why of these events. If you want to understand why Jesus came, then this book gives the information you need to begin your spiritual journey. What happens in the chapters of this book sets the stage for the coming of the Messiah along with His death, burial and resurrection.
In order to understand anything, it must be studied with an open heart and open mind. Above all else, it should be studied prayerfully.
Its Place in the Bible
I. It is a part of the Sixty-Six books of Canonical Text of the Bible
II. It is a Part of the Old Testament Division of the Bible
III. It is the first book of the Old Testament Section of the Bible known as the Torah.

Section I: What is the Canon?
Various books constitute the Old Testament. These...

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