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Scrum Helps Sprint Meetings Essay

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Scrum is also one of the most important categories of the agile methodology. Scrum is composed of some iteration and these iterations and increments are very important. Meeting among the developers and team members are held everyday and these meetings are for 15 minutes. Sprint meeting and sprint review follow 30 days scrum meetings. In daily 15 minutes meeting, following three things are discussed.
1. What is today’s goal?
2. What obstacles where confronted day before the meeting?
3. What can be the solution of the problem?
In this way project progress can be tracked on daily basis which is very necessary and can lead to early detection of problems in case if there are any. This is the best way because each and every day is a day of accomplishments. This increases the efficiency of the team members because each and every day, they are accountable for, what they have done in the last day. So, this overall enhances the performance of the people in the company.
The major feature of the Scrum is its management wrapper around the methodology of development. This is the best for the working of the companies working on scrum methodology. There are many companies who are following scrum and they have over-achieved in the development. Their employees are very trained and efficient. This is the reason that they do work on commitment and failure risk is minimized.
There are three roles in the scrum meeting. They are Product owner, Scrum master and the developer. The person who is responsible for the product and product backlogs is the product owner. The person who is responsible for conducting scrum and sprint meetings is known as scrum master. He maintains all the records and he is responsible for keeping track of the performance of each and every employee. Finally, the developer is the person who codes and then tests the product for given set of requirements. In this way, roles and responsibilities are clearly divided and identified. There are no conflicts between the roles and responsibilities of the persons in the company.
It is very obvious that the size of the team of scrum is very small. Because it is next to impossible to conduct 15-minute meetings with many people and all the issues are discussed. 15 minutes are enough for the scrum meetings because the team size is less and it is very easy to discuss project related things in small time. Scrum methodology is inappropriate for the companies who have large number of people working on one project.

3.3.4. Feature driven development
Feature driven development is the best where the projects can be clearly cut down in small features and at the end of the project; the features are integrated in such a way that they give us the whole product. There are some processes in the feature driven development and they are described below.

So first the team members have to develop overall class/object model. This model will be helpful in understanding about the features of the product. There are many...

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