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Scrutiny Of Production Essay

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Karl Marx, Immanuel Kant and Aristotle have all had philosophical notations on the importance of meaningful relationships. In the late 19th century production and commodity obsession began to grow wildly and it heavily exists today particularly in North America. I’m going to show how we ought to govern our relationships according to Marx, Kant and Aristotle and that our contemporary view of production is faulty in that it is exploitation of human relationships. First, I’m going to show this through the early writings of Marx in the ‘Estrangement of Labor’ where he explains how working class people are alienated in several ways by the capitalist economics. Second,
through an examination of Kant’s ‘sensus communis’ and and compare it to our contemporary views of production. Third, we are going to look at the works of Aristotle and his notion of friendship and show the significance of intrinsically based relationships.
In this section I’m going to look at the works of Karl Marx and his assertion that our process of production is directly making people less human in a sense. In the ‘Estrangement of Labor’ there are three points that I think are important in showing this assertion. Marx shows that people who are in the working class are alienated and exploited by the owners of operations and of property. The First type of separation that Marx describes is the alienation from the worker and his work. “The devaluation of the world of men is in direct proportion to the increasing value of the world of things. Labor produces not only commodities; it produces itself and the worker as a commodity – and this at the same rate at which it produces commodities in general” . This expresses the point that the worker is separated from his product because he does not own it and he is then aiding in the creation of a world in which he has no place in. The second type of estrangement is the one between the worker and the activity of production since the work that is performed does not belong to the people doing it, there is no natural act of creativity and thus a loss of self. Third, is the estrangement between people, “within the relationship of estranged labor each man views the other in accordance with the standard and the relationship in which he finds himself as a worker.” Marx makes the point here that the worker is hostility towards the owner because of his position as a commodity. Marx critiques the production process because of these alienations; evidently this is not the way ought to be producing and kind of relationships we ought to be enforcing. This point can also be furthered by saying that mere job of producing is repetitive and mentally numbing “it replaces labor replaces labor by machines, but it throws one section of the workers back into barbarous types of labor and it turns the other section into a machine. It produces intelligence – but for the worker, stupidity, cretinism.” It lacks the potential for virtuosity in a skill, which is...

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