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Sculpting The Future: A Look At Advertising In Today's Society.

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Advertisements have shaped millions of people's opinions over the years. These advertisements are instruments that are used to appeal to a certain group of people. Ads are very appealing and are created for a variety of reasons. They can be used to get people to buy a certain product or to instill the brand name into the minds of the buyers. The magazine that will be discussed is called Athlon Sports Pro Football edition. The magazine, volume 24, is dated to be sold until September 9, 2005. Athlon Sports Pro Football is an annual magazine that gives detailed descriptions on each team in the NFL. The magazine discusses the off-season, trades, free agents, and the NFL draft. The magazine is strictly about football; therefore Athlon Sport's target audience consists mostly of men. This target audience's age varies greatly. Children to elderly adults have interest in sports. This is not strictly who reads the magazine, but a group that the magazine targets. However this is the age group in which the magazine will base most of their writing style and advertisements. It is quite intriguing to see how a company like Samsung would try and capture the attention of these men. The advertisement for the SamsungDLP TV is modeled to appeal to men as sexual beings.This advertisement is for a new TV that is made by Samsung. This television is named the pedestal DLP TV. This is a new TV that Samsung is trying to introduce through an advertisement. The setting of the Ad is in a large modern style room. Everything in the room is fashioned in colors such as tan, pastel yellow, and light brown. There are windows in the rear of the room that appear to be open, letting sun shine into the room. The frames around the windows are also light brown. The only thing that is not the same as these mellow colors is the TV which is fashioned in front of a couch. The TV is filled with color and style and seems to be the focus of the Ad. On the screen of the TV is a woman with wet hair who is facing an ocean. The screen shows from her middle back to the top of her head. The only thing that can be visualized the woman's back and wet hair. The television that is being advertised is to the far right of the page. The couches and furniture are very modernistic. The furniture has sharp lines and tends to sit low to the ground. There is a small table to the left of the Ad which is a low standing table that has as vase that is curvy and with rounded edges. The table also contains three books that lay on the corner.Text is also a large factor in this advertisement. To the far left of the page, there is text is large white letters which reads, "Sculpted by Samsung." The text is used to create a catchy phrase that will be remembered or to act as a pun, or clever play on words. Text can also be used to add extra information that the company wants to get across to the reader. This information could consist of more information about the product, or to add a disclaimer. In this case, Samsung...

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