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Personal Education And Qualifications Essay

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1- NO, in regarding to this important question in the background of any serious student the answer is definitely NO, I have never got exposed to any degrading situation like this and the reason is in my ethical standards which I was raised upon in my home prohibit any kind of low self-steam situations in my personality, so I am immune against falling below the minimum line of respecting the law and the society rules and keep the dignity of human being.

I was born in 06/17/1993, in a middle size Mediterranean city with a population of 2 million people in high class educated family. My father is an electrical engineer who has studied in Germany and Libya, my mother graduated with a degree in Arabic literature and now is busy with her job as ministry of education’s supervisor beside her daily responsibilities taken care of my younger brothers and sister.
In addition of being the oldest son in the family, my parents treated me differently because they noticed early in my life that I am gifted with special energy and qualification. They registered me since my middle school in special center for gifted student. To be accepted in this gifted center, I had to pass several tests, these tests consist of three stages; each stage includes five exams cover the area of mathematics, language, and psychological test and IQ tests. I passed all the tests with high grades. After the second stage, I took a short course required by the center to measure the ability of each student and specify his or her level of comprehension according to their standards. Enthusiastically, I started my study in the center full of passion and stamina, grasping any opportunity of new information, technical or academic to satisfy my eagerness and love for knowledge .they were the best enjoyable six year in my life full of knowledge fun and friendship.
One remarkable experience is the exchange program where I went to Italy as an exchange student. The center had several educational agreement with other gifted centers in other countries such as: - France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Algeria.
I graduated from this center with high school diploma with honor and 4.0 GP In May 2011 .because of this remarkable success I got nominated to get a full scholarship from the Libyan government , which cover all my tuition expenses , my medical insurance , monthly allowance and all my travel expenses until I get my bachelor degree . My scholarship got implemented on august 2013 after two
Of years my graduation from high school.
In this two years, I took an advantage to study human development and finish my program successfully. I became an international trainer in the international academy for training and development so I volunteer to give free courses.
To pursue my professional life goal of being a successful neurosurgeon, I need to build strong base for my bachelor degree in Neuroscience. One of the strongest institute across the country that is a target for every student who loves...

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