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Class Interview With Director Adam Burke

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Director Adam Burke was born and raised from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He went on to get his Bachelors of Fine Art from the University and Arizona and his Masters of Fine Arts from Northwestern University in Theater Directing. Adam was the founding artistic director at Chicago Theatre for Young Audiences. In addition, he received a national Theatre Communications Group New Generations Fellowship; with this fellowship he spent two more years as an artistic associate at a local professional theater—Childsplay. Adam Burke had been living in San Antonio for the past five years until his move to Charlotte last June. He worked as an assistant professor in the theater department at St. Mary’s University. Additionally, he is the artistic director of the Scioto Society, which produces the drama “Tecumseh,” in Chillicothe, Ohio. Burke is currently working as the artistic director at the Charlotte Children’s Theater. Recently, our class had the tremendous opportunity to interview Mr. Burke with questions relating to his process in directing.
I had asked him, “What do you believe is the importance of being a director in relation to the significance of being actors or crew members?” Adam stated that the director’s main job is to keep the vision and cast on track. Moreover, the director has to understand where the vision is going so that he/she can ensure the cast and crew is on the correct track and maintain their focus. In addition, Adam expresses that a director must be able to develop relationships between the actors and crew so that may work as team. He concludes that a good director “must be somebody that people want to work with,” a director must be personable. I agree with him; a director must be a shepherd-like figure to the members. His job is to navigate the cast and crew through a particular vision. If a crewmember or actor leaves “the herd,” the director must guide them back to the correct direction. I feel Adam provided a well thought-out answer of the significance of a director.
Throughout the continuation of the interview, Adam Burke answers questions that relate to my question regarding the significance of a director in relation to the cast and crew. In regards to dealing actors and crewmembers, a director must be impartial and “ahead of the actors.” When he says, “ahead of the actors” he means a number of things. First off, a director must be able to deal with dissent professionally. If an actor is arguing, a director cannot argue back—that means he/she already lost. Adam continues to say that a director must handle these situations with positive reinforcement. He used the example of an actor exclaiming that he is supposed to be in a particular area of the stage when the...

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