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There are many different creatures in the ocean. They are categorized into 3 different groups that are Zooplankton, Nekton, and Benthos. In the ocean the zooplankton eat phytoplanktons. Zooplankton are eaten by all of the larger animals. Phytoplankton self reproduce so they don’t need to eat other things. They create their own food. The Nekton eat the zooplankton because it is a smaller species than the rest.
Some of the most dangerous animals to both humans and other sea animals are Leopard Seals. Leopard Seals are the second largest species in the Antarctic. The Sea Leopard can be found mainly in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is estimated to live 26 ...view middle of the document...

Some of the other species have their rays found on their tails. Depending on which species it is you will get either a higher or lower voltage from their rays.
Bull sharks are found worldwide. Bull sharks are able to swim in both saltwater and freshwater. Some bull sharks are even found in shallow rivers. It is more common for them to attack in salt water than for them to attack in fresh water. Bull sharks are naturally aggressive animals. The bull sharks are most likely responsible for deaths of humans near the shore, they are the ones who cause the shark attacks. They are called bull sharks because of their odd shape. They are known as the most dangerous sharks in the sea. Bull Sharks usually don’t prey on humans but they are known to attack them. The bull sharks will eat anything but most of the time they only eat fish. Bull Sharks hunt both at night and day. When the bull shark is going to attack it head- butts it’s prey. On average the bull shark lives 16 years. They also weigh from 200 - 500 pounds. Bull sharks are grey on it’s back and white at the bottom. People go fishing for bull sharks, they use them for food and oils.
The average sea snake is about 3-5 feet long. They are commonly mistaken as eels because of their flattened tails. Their skin has adapted to the water and they have glands that remove excess salt from their body. The sea snakes still use their lungs to breathe underwater, and they also use their skin to breathe underwater. The olive sea snake has small hollow fangs that contains a neurotoxin that directly affects the nerves. Their venom is known to be fatal.
The great barracuda is about 6.6 ft. the average weight of a barracuda is 50 kg. The barracuda doesn’t have eyelids so they have to move around very carefully. They are sea animals that are isolated. They move around in groups and protect each other from the other fish. The great barracuda eats small fishes and they are first on the food chain. The great barracuda is ugly and has teeth that look like fangs. They swim by deflating and inflating the swim bladder. They stay still when they are looking for their prey. They are also able to change the color of their body whenever they want to. The great barracuda could be found in shallow waters, reefs, open sea and coastal lagoons.
The box jellyfish is a deadly animal. It has a venom that is able to kill their prey. They like to eat fish or shrimp. The venom that the box jelly fish contain is known to be one of the most deadly found in the world. The toxins in its venom can attack the heart, the nervous system and the skin cells. The box jellyfish have attacked humans before. When humans get hurt by a box jellyfish they go into shock, drown and die. Some humans have also suffered of heart failure because of the jellyfish. The humans that have survived their sting experience a lot of pain and have bad scarring form where the tentacles touched. Box Jellyfish are more advanced among the other species of...

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