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Sir! We might have discovered something huge in the Sea of Okhotsk, it might have to do with the Soviet Union! “Well what is it boy spill the beans, I need to know everything piece of information you know,” Sergeant Campbell said. “Well supposedly the Soviet Union might have a well hidden communication cable that no one has seen before! No one knew about it until now so who knows where that cable is connected to and what information is getting passed through. It could be some top secret information of an attack or even a military movement who knows! What do you think about that Sergeant?”
“Arthur, we have to find this communication cable, it is a major threat if you don’t. “The cable, between Soviet bases on the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Soviet Far Eastern coast, carried highly classified military, as well as civilian, communications” (Allen.) We have to start training the Bravo squad and send them in, including myself so I can personally clarify that the mission was a success. Who knows what else they have down there, we can only find out! So send a message to Bravo team telling them to prepare for this mission” A couple of minutes later the loud speakers turned on signaling Bravo team to report to the training center. Bravo Team consisted of Rob, Tyler, Frank, Kyle, and now Sergeant Campbell. They were known to be the best and most productive squad and they were the first ones to be called if something needed to be done quickly and efficiently.” They had a good reputation of getting the job done so they built a name for themselves and they deserved every bit of recognition possible.
Shortly they all arrived at the training center at 0800 hours; they were ready to go back to work and sharpen their skills knowing this will be a tough task. They only had a week to get their abilities back up to standards before heading out on the mission. I lead Bravo Team and we all knew what was at stake so it only gave us the will to train hard. We were training for the sake of the nation’s protection and because it was the right thing to do, there was a lot of tension between the US and the Soviet Union at the time. As a Sergeant, I knew I had to have high expectations for my soldiers and I did but we were a group of brothers. We all had each other’s back, everyone was coming home alive from this serious mission.
After the week of training, we were debriefed about what was expect of the mission, we were going in blind because no one, not even myself knew where the cable was located. We were only informed that it was located somewhere in the Sea of Okhotsk. This was a very risky operation. “The Sea of Okhotsk is huge, covering an area of 600,000 square miles in the northwestern Pacific, and is surrounded on three sides by the Siberian shore. At that point in the Cold War the Soviet Union had declared these waters to be Soviet territory, and it protected its borders aggressively”(Hirschson.) It was our job to find it and destroy as much of it as we can,...

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