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Sean White And Snowboarding Essay

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Throughout time, the progression and evolution of snowboarding has increased greatly. It has gone from non existence in the late 1970’s, to one of the most watched action sports in a matter of thirty-five years. The upward takeoff and popularity of snowboarding relies on two people, Jake Burton and Shaun White. Jake Burton back in 1977 had the vision for what snowboarding would be, but Shaun White had what it took to manifest that vision. Evidence has shown that time brings change in sports, history has repeated itself with snowboarding, this history reflects the time & changes that has occurred in America.
Snowboarding started as one single brand, Burton. Jake Burton, literally the inventor of snowboarding, was the first to set the bar for what he thought the sport was. He was born in New York, NY on April 29, 1954. He began making boards with wood working machines he had’nt a clue how to use, selling the boards out of his car. Because of his entrepreneurship, Jake Burton sacrifices his career as a stockbroker to pursuit a dream, resulting in the worlds first major snowboarding brand now worth hundreds of millions of dollars (Gale, 2007). In Americas history, the sacrifices made by entrepreneurs has led to some of the largest businesses in the world.
Today Jake Burton is 59 years old, and a snowboard legend. According to (Burton, 2010), Jake Burton was present for the return of Kevin Pearce, one of the most inspiring sports comeback stories of all time (NBC, 2012) , as well as every major snowboarding feat in history. Residing in Vermont, where Burton Snowboards is located, he still enjoys snowboarding more than ever and remains in the community actively. Throughout the years, Jake Burton managed to be inducted into the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame. The Vermont Sports Hall of Fame recognizes athletes and sport icons who have achieved great accomplishments in their career. Some of these figures include gold medal olympians, world series champions, record setting scorers, and coaching legends. To be apart of something permanent such as a Hall of Fame is another incredible achievement in itself. The mediocre days of Burton up until the early 2000’s were close to an end. Jake Burton and his company were about to take off due to a kid with a passion, a kid by the name of Shaun White.
Snowboarding before the time of Shaun White was like the calm before the storm. At the age of 13 Shaun was professionally sponsored and on his way to changing snowboarding forever. With so much skill and desire, Shaun brought the competition in and really took it to the next level. Not long after his arrival, Shaun was already the face of snowboarding None of these accomplishments came easy for Shaun or his parents. Before the financial aid of the corporate sponsors took place, “Shaun White’s snowboarding activities cost his parents $20,000 annually” (Gale, 2006). The physical and financial dedication paid off in 1999 when Shaun was first signed to...

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