Search Engine Optimization Essay

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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of enhancing the visibility and making web presence to expand the amount of page views to the website. SEO is not just to know about the search engines, but it is to make one’s site better for the users. It is an ongoing process of discovering keywords that will drive the search traffic and thus reach the target audience. This process is sometimes also referred to as content marketing strategy. The most popular search engines are Google which dominates the search engine market followed by Bing, Ask, Baidu, Yandex and others which have their own algorithms for providing search results.
Initially it was a simple set of techniques for raising the page to the top of search engine listings and constantly started adding all possible ways of web traffic like social networking. Due to the ever changing algorithms of search engines, the job is becoming challenging for SEO.
Search engines want to perform their jobs based on the information a client is looking for in the websites. Search engines are largely interested in the following key factors to perform their searches.
1) Web Content:
It is the textual, visual content that determines the theme with proper titles and descriptions. It can also include images, sounds, videos and animations to enhance the quality of content. Content has to be reliable, relevant, fresh, original, structured, shareable, correct, local, endorsed and keyword-rich.
2) Web Performance:
Web performance is the metrics which constitutes web page availability, page load time and response time. Page load time is typically the time between a user’s request for a page and the time when the page is fully rendered to the client’s browser.
3) User Experience:
User experience usually constitutes site design, site navigation and site credibility. To attract and retain a customer/user, the experience will play a crucial role. A factor like easy navigation makes the user comfortable to browse the other pages on the websites thus minimizing the bounce rate. Bounce rates reflect the web site user’s experience and relevance of content for his search terms and typically high bounce rates indicates bad user experiences.
Purpose of SEO
A well designed website is not enough for attracting potential customers; the main purpose of SEO is to drive more traffic to the website by increasing the visibility with relevant content by natural or unpaid search results. Though there are many strategies and techniques to improve the page views, the exact formula is unknown.
Strategies to improve the web site’s visibility
SEO is an investment and ROI (Return of Investment) is very important which cannot be achieved at a single stretch. The below SEO cycle will help maintain the consistency of the improvement and help retain it in future.
1) Measure the current state of the website with the statistics and analytics.
2) Proceed with analyzing the stats and evaluate the need of...

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